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Trans Golfer Gets Golf Associations to Change Policy

Filed By Alex Blaze | May 04, 2011 3:00 PM | comments

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Lana Lawless, the trans woman who sued the LPGA and the Long Drivers of America after she was refused the ability to compete as a woman, Lana-Lawless-4x3_370x278.jpghas settled her case. Both organizations have both changed their rules on trans women to be in line with the Olympics and other sports organizations.

After transitioning in 2005, Lawless was the 2008 winner of the Women's Long-Drive golf championship, but was barred from competition in 2009 after the Long Drivers Association changed their rules governing transgender people. While her paperwork all said she was female, including her birth certificate, the golf organizations held that competitors had to be "female at birth."

Lawless sued under California antidiscrimination law, which prohibits discrimination along the lines of gender identity, for unspecified damages and to prohibit the two golf associations from hosting tournaments in that state. Instead, the associations changed their policy, recognizing that trans women, after two years of hormones, don't have the same advantage over cis women that cis men would have.

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Surprised you didn't cover this story Alex..

It has everything, kidnapping, murder, porn, a goat AND a trans angle.

When the right gets wind of this one, watch the fur fly.

How often do I hear the "If the right gets ahold of this story we're screwed!" line?

Interesting link. Too bad for the goat.

I have a soft spot for goats myself, we are thinking seriously about getting a couple of dairy goats.

And I sure wouldn't want to be put in the position of defending this guy using the ladies, let alone ever seeing him enter the next stall.

I'm sure if you ever were in that position you'd be able to just derail yourself out of it.

I can feel another "thoughtful" analysis from Maureen Dowd coming on.

I have no issue with the cause...

If you are a transwoman do not be duped by this statement:

"after two years of hormones, don't have the same advantage over cis women that cis men would have"

For the benefit of your own physical health and ability to live a long active life, never underestimate your ability to maintain physical strength and conditioning at a higher level than females of the same age. You’re crazy to let your muscle strength, tone and endurance deteriorate to the same level as cis-women of equal age.

so? do you suggest we all take anabolic steroids like East Germany had their female athletes do?

I may be wrong here, but this sounds like it was written by someone who's never been on cross gender hormones before. Apologies if I'm mistaken, but, speaking for myself, I used to have a personal trainer and kept up my strength conditioning when I began hormone therapy. It didn't matter, I still lost a lot of upper body strength and muscle mass. Your mileage may vary, but given what has been documented in these cases, and especially seeing the inverse effect in trans men, I think it's safe to say that's typical.

Congrats to Ms. Lawless! I can't wait for this to spread to other sports. I always wanted to get serious about soccer (I'm a keeper), but had a feeling I'd just be held back.

The Women's Flat Track Roller Derby Association recently adopted a gender policy that allows trans roller girls to compete.

I'm about as endocrinologically female as you can get. Not as strong and conditioned as I was 15 years ago, but still substantially stronger than most any female my age. The reason I point this out is because many transwomen let themselves go, not realizing it is still in the interest of good health to keep strength training. I believe that is the major reason for deterioration of strength to the female level, not hormones.

Many transwomen do this thinking they will appear more feminine, and what ends up happening is excessive weight gain, which quite often will make a transwomen appear more masculine.

Keep working out people and give up the cigarettes.

Good for her! She's fighting for equality.