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Attorney Requests Removal of Gay Colton Haynes Photos

Filed By Adam Polaski | June 03, 2011 9:15 AM | comments

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Colton.jpegMTV's reboot of Teen Wolf, the 1985 film that featured Michael J. Fox as your everyday teenage werewolf, starts up this weekend. But in the days leading up to the premiere, MTV and legal representatives are working to stamp out one of the young star's previous work as a model for a gay youth publication called XY Magazine. The magazine's not around anymore, but a 2006 photo spread featuring Colton Haynes, a Teen Wolf co-star, kissing another boy, has surfaced online. reports being contacted by Bryan J. Freedman, an attorney for Haynes, requesting the removal of "private" photos of the actor. The gay, scifi-focused website reprinted the letter:

I am contacting you regarding [your] postings of multiple private, obscene, lewd, and pornographic photographs of my client, privately taken ... depicting my client ... partially or possibly completely nude, engaging in or simulating sexual conduct, in most instances with other individuals. ... Your public disclosure of these private photographs violate Haynes' right to privacy.

DoorQ has removed the individual photo. But in its place, the website has posted several pictures of the photo's source material, XY Magazine. Even a cursory glance shows they're about as racy as a catalog for Hollister or Abercrombie - it's just that instead of getting playful in a Jacuzzi with a girl, Haynes is messing around with a guy. To argue that the photos are private is simply false, as they ran in a nationally distributed magazine. The incident, instead, is another example of a corporation getting nervous that their stars being associated with gay material will hurt ratings for a TV show.

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YosemiteSam | June 3, 2011 11:30 AM

How ridiculous! I have kept up with his career off and on since I noticed these photos. It looks like Queerty has complied and taken down the photos.

Fire the attorney, kid.

Yeah, this is like what Rockstar's attorneys tried to do with us. Instead of being able to quietly sweep everything under the rug, it became a huge mess on the web that they were forced to deal with. If they'd kept their mouths shut to start with and not tried to bully people, there'd have been no notice of it.

Gaytorguy | June 4, 2011 1:48 PM

Any individual or any group wishing to obtain profit, power or both will bully first. The problem is, as Bill Browning wrote, if left alone most likely no one would cared.
And if someone did post any photos, as was done, especially in this day and age, reply with "So what?" How many str8 people have played gay roles, how many gay people have played straight roles?
Does anyone seeing the revamped Teen Wolf really care whether Mr. Haynes is or isn't gay? In real life their instances of seeing and knowing Colton Haynes is slim to none. I give the younger generation high marks in not caring about someone's orientation in real life as to affecting their on-screen acting.
But leave it to lawyers and some business people to look at the worst scenarios possible. Haynes is cute and if superficiality based on some photos is their main concern. Haynes good looks will outweigh any perceived adverse reactions. And isn't DoorQ for gay people? Therefore increasing the possible ratings share?

Nice to see someone else from Gainesville here, You do bring a certain reasonable progressive voice. Joani

Isn't this surprisingly like the Real World season that just ended with Dustin having been found out as a former gay model? His actions in his oh-so-tender years went viral during the filming of the show, caused a breakup with his new girlfriend, and on and on...

It's a funny juxtaposition - one series ends for the year, another begins; and both have this startling similarity!