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Cheerleader Dances His Heart Out

Filed By Ed Team | June 30, 2011 7:45 AM | comments

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Tags: gay cheerleaders, womanizer

This cheerleader's got some of the best moves on the court. His confidence is empowering and heartening.

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Gaytorguy | July 2, 2011 1:06 PM

I only have one question. Did he want to wear the typically female version uniform or was he made to wear it just to perform? If he wore it because he is trans I am all for it! If they were trying to shame him so he wouldn't be a cheerleader, then yay for him and boo for the admin for making him wear it.
He DID bust a move more than once!

Om Kalthoum | July 2, 2011 3:32 PM

Funny (and weird), I didn't even realize he was wearing the "typically female version uniform" when I first watched the clip. Just speculating, but one of the reasons he is so attired might be a desire by the choreographer or whoever runs the show to maintain a uniformity of appearance for the team. He doesn't seem to be a featured performer (although the person operating the camera may feel differently), just one of the team.

Gotta say that I've never been thrilled with the whole concept of women performing stereotypical femininity in praise of male athletic accomplishment. Further OT, but I understand that there is a move afoot in the US to define this activity as a sport by some universities in order to not fall afoul of Title IX provisions to provide equal access to sports for females.