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Creepy Anti-Choice Movie Trailer

Filed By Alex Blaze | June 09, 2011 3:00 PM | comments

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In case you had any doubt where the anti-choice extremists were coming from, one of them made a movie. The trailer looks like something a radical feminist would have made ten years ago to make the anti-choicers look bad, but it's apparently legit:

While it's an all-around glorification of misogynist violence, three things stand out as particularly informative:

1. The man kidnapper (and of course it was a man who had to stop the harlots from killing their babies) being so smug, because this is more about superiority and domination than anything else.

2. The fact that the woman kidnapper stresses that they'll be there until the babies are born, because caring about/for babies who have already been born is just too hard.

3. All the women are white and pretty, because this is fundamentally a sexual fantasy for a certain type of right-winger.

It'll be screened at a film fest in New Jersey.

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Creepy?! What an understatement. I know I won't be the only person to have nightmares after seeing this. To know that there are people (men) who actually believe these things about women, and to see it so straightforwardly depicted, is downright terrifying.

Seriously messed up, it almost looks like some kind of fundie Saw.

And are the three Baby Daddies locked in another room for seven months?

Holy crap, this does look scary. I hope it doesn't give any militant anti-choicer ideas about how to stop women from having abortions. The Movie A Handmaids Tale gave me terrible nightmares and the book was really good, too.

Om Kalthoum | June 9, 2011 11:31 PM

I'm sure all the actors must be very proud of their work on this wonderful piece of art.

So what I want to know is, is this a movie for or against choice? It looked to me like the women were taking a stand for their right to choose. I am pro-choice, of course, and would hate to see a movie like this give the right-wingers any ammunition to use for their hate-mongering campaigns.

I know, I got the same impression. I wonder if it's my politics but the dr. comes across as a pretty clear cut villain along with his creepy nurse/assistant. Maybe Alex is right in his suggestion that this is being made by radical feminist to make pro-lifers look bad?

Gaytorguy | June 10, 2011 1:23 PM

It is a creepy movie, I agree. I am sure there are already nut jobs on the fringe of the anti-abortionists who have been and are considering such a scenario. Makes me think of those Hitler birthing camps to increase the Aryan race in a way.
I am a guy, I have protested AGAINST the anti-abortionists at our Planned Parenthood and other clinics.
The one thing I have never seen others ask them, which I have. Nor have seen these anti-choice protesters ever offer. "Are they willing to adopt, care for and raise this baby?" I always get a dumb-founded look and silence.
Anti-choicers: keep the baby alive until you can kill them in prison. As George Carlin said so eloquently, if all life is sacred to them. What about cows, trees, fish, bacteria? Aren't they all life, created by God according to their religious upbringing?
I am having daymares after seeing this trailer already!!!! Makes me think of the French movie "Inside" just as creepy!