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GLAAD Board Co-Chair Confirms Barrios' Days Are Numbered

Filed By Bil Browning | June 20, 2011 7:00 PM | comments

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GLAAD2.jpgThe GLAAD board's co-chair is reaching out to press to confirm that president Jarrett Barrios has tendered his resignation. While some have suggested that Barrios was hoping for a Hail Mary pass from board members, Politico reported that the org board's Executive Committee had recommended that his position be terminated.

MetroWeekly has the scoop from co-chair Roxanne Jones:

"The GLAAD Board received Jarrett's resignation letter, and we discussed this, along with many other topics, on our call last night, so we expect at our board of directors meeting - we have another one set for Wednesday - to reach a conclusion on all of the issues at hand," Jones said. "And at the time, Jarrett will begin to help us transition, manage the transition that we have, and bring on his successor.

"So, that's exactly where we are right now."

Wording sent to Politico by Jones was virtually the same.

Other civil rights groups, however, are now embroiled in the same controversy as evidence that AT&T's large donations may have spurred the groups to submit letters either endorsing the telecom giant's merger with T-Mobile or opposing net neutrality. Most of the letters were either partially or wholly written by AT&T.

Catch up on the controversy with additional coverage from The Bilerico Project:

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He's going to help choose his successor? Barrios is the gay version of Vladimir Putin? Not good news. :(

Seriously?! When your organization votes you out and doesn't have confidence in your abilities, you don't get to help choose the person who replaces you. This keeps going from bad to worse...

Um, no, he's not going to pick his successor (or at least, that's not what they are saying).

Statement: "And at the time, Jarrett will begin to help us transition, manage the transition that we have, and bring on his successor."

Translation: Just kicking him to the curb would actually make the work we do a lot harder since whoever new we pick to take the place will have their own ideas and their own way of doing things. This new person will also need to be brought up to speed on what we do and how our staff and team works, projects we have in place, things we've got planned, and the usual glad handing of the donor's list. So during the short period while the new person is coming up to speed, Mr. Barrios will be helping said person get caught up, which is expected of professionals in this sort of work."

While he may have some input into his successor (which is common), given the way the community is reacting to this, the decision will have tobe by the board.

THey will also have to find someone.

Me, I'm sorta hoping they pick a trans person. But then, I always hope that.

Bil, I don't see anything saying that his position will be terminated. The position appears slated for refilling. Boards sometimes terminate a position in order to get rid of an incumbent, but that is not the case here, and I don't think that is what you meant to indicate. I've followed this story in detail and with mixed feelings. Without exonerating him, I think there has been a rush to judgement and a little too much Madame DeFarging on the part of some. It's hard to tell what is fueling the fever. A power struggle? A desire for a better GLAAD? The dethroning of Jarrett Barrios because of his mistake? Being the first to run a hot story? I take each report with a grain of salt and try to determine what is really afoot.

As I've been saying to media outlets that come calling, I don't think Barrios did that bad of a job actually. In his case, the cover up was almost worse than the crime. Other orgs are stepping forward and admitting they sent letters too that were partially or wholly written by AT&T, but Barrios lied to the FCC and reporters when he tried to say he had no idea about the letter. He did. Then he said the org had an investigation and found that the secretary did it. They didn't find that at all. Then he confessed he did have knowledge of it, knew who did it and why, and just tried to cover up for a friend. That not ED worthy; it put more value on his personal friendship than the org he's in charge of.

You have boiled the story down to an analysis/expose of his attempted cover-up. For you, that is the story. I think attempted cover-ups in a world that values spin over spunk, are standard breakfast fare. "Gotcha" is a boring game.

Those who are most fascinated by the lies of others and who clamor for the beheading of anyone caught in a lie are most often the ones with secrets and the dread of exposure.

This attitude seems a little too dismissive of the excellent work that gets done by sites such as PolitiFact or Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.

I'd much rather see the media focused on who's lying and who's not then with all the effort the media puts into figuring out which politician is going to have the next headline blaring SEX scandal.

Look, I'm all for getting to truth, but some LGBT reporters write with a bicycle pump rather than a pen, and their motives are questionable. If I felt complicit in bringing down Jarrett Barrios for the sake of my page views, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. Let's have integrity all around.