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GOProud: Dish It But Can't Take It

Filed By Bil Browning | June 03, 2011 7:30 AM | comments

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"The most recent line of attacks from the left, and their RINO enablers, is that I am "mean" or "brash" or "too aggressive." If standing firm for what I believe in makes me mean or brash or too aggressive than I am guilty as charged - and I certainly won't apologize for that. I know my style isn't for everyone, and I won't win any Miss Congeniality awards. Hell the quote on my facebook page says, "No one has ever accused me of being too nice."

-- GOProud muckeymuck Chris Barron complaining on his blog that "the left" relies "on personal attacks and name-calling." Within the past two weeks, Barron has insulted me and called me an asshole on Twitter. Hello Pot. Meet Kettle.

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Good job, you're making stupid people angry.

Participating in Democrat v Republican pissing contests is so 1990s. But can we state for the record that Gay Republican drones have no monopoly on attitude, bitchiness, and condescension? Some of the most hateful, snobbish fuckers I've ever met are gay Democrats who actually get pissed off if you dare suggest anyone could even think of voting for any candidate but Obama.