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Mass Dems Blast Brown Over Marriage Stance

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Oh, what a different world the east coast is... I can't imagine this happening in Indiana where the Democratic party sends out mailers attacking same-sex couples and 225px-Sbrownofficial.jpgthe minority leader votes for a marriage amendment.

The Massachusetts democrats are attacking Republican Senator Scott Brown over his stance on marriage equality and calling for him to change his position and support same-sex marriage. The party's press release landed in my inbox this morning, but the Boston Globe has picked it up as a big story.

"As we saw in New York, the fight for marriage equality is marching on and even many Republicans are rethinking their positions on same-sex marriage," Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh said in a statement. "I think Massachusetts families deserve to know if Scott Brown still opposes marriage equality."

Brown's camp noted that he voted last year to repeal the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy on gays serving openly in the military.

"We've already had the debate on gay marriage in Massachusetts. It's time to move on. Senator Brown's focus is on jobs," said, Colin Reed, Brown spokesman.

All of the declared Democratic candidates vying to challenge Brown next year support marriage equality.

A laundry list of Brown's anti-gay record is after the break. It was, of course, thoughtfully supplied by the Democrats.

Scott Brown Has Repeatedly Voted Against Marriage Equality

December 2009: During Campaign For U.S. Senate, Brown Said He Opposed Same-Sex Marriage. According to a December 17, 2009 article in The Boston Globe, Brown opposed same-sex marriage. [The Boston Globe, 12/17/09]

June 2007: Brown Voted for ANOTHER Constitutional Amendment to Ban Same-Sex Marriage. On June 14, 2007, Brown was one of only five members of the Massachusetts Senate to vote in favor of an amendment to the Constitution defining marriage as the union between one man and one woman. [Journal of the Senate Vote 46, 6/14/07]

January 2007 Brown Voted in Favor of Constitutional Amendment to Ban Same-Sex Marriage. On January 2, 2007, Brown voted in favor to advance another proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage to a constitutional convention. [Associated Press, 1/2/07]

March 2004: Brown's Special Election to state Senate was Seen by Some as a Referendum on Gay Marriage. According to The Boston Globe, Brown's election to the state Senate was "viewed on Beacon Hill partially as a referendum on the debate over whether to legalize gay marriage in Massachusetts." [The Boston Globe, 3/7/04]

February 2004: Brown Voted for Two Constitutional Amendments Banning Gay Marriage and one Banning Civil Unions. The Boston Globe reported that Brown "voted for two amendments that would ban gay marriage and against a third that would ban gay marriage, but establish civil unions in the constitution... Brown would not go into detail on why he opposes gay marriage. 'It's just a personal belief, based on my religious upbringing,' he said. 'It's just my feeling.'" [Journal of the House, Vote 530, 2/12/04; Journal of the House, Vote 557, 3/11/04; Journal of the House, Vote 552, 3/11/04; The Boston Globe, 2/24/04]

Scott Brown Has Accepted Support From Several Anti-Gay Groups

Brown Accepted Support from Anti-Gay 'Hate Group' MassResistance. Brown has enjoyed the support of the state's most radical anti-gay group, "MassResistance," an organization the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a "hate group." [Southern Poverty Law Center Website, Accessed 12/18/09]

And Brown has returned the favor. Brown Cosponsored MassResistance's "Parents Rights Bill" to Require Schools to Notify Parents of "Alternative Sexual Behavior." In 2007, Brown cosponsored MassResistance's "Parents Rights Bill." The measure sought to require that public schools notify parents or guardians in advance of any student exposure to information about "alternative sexual behavior"--defined to include homosexuality and gay relationships. On its website, MassResistance lists Brown as a co-sponsor of the legislation. [, Accessed 12/18/09]

Brown Took $2,000 In Campaign Contributions from Anti-Gay Conservative Leader Mineau. Brown has accepted contributions to his state and federal campaigns from Kristian Mineau, described by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette "probably the state's most visible advocate for banning same-sex marriage." Brown's U.S. Senate campaign accepted $1,000 in contributions from Mineau, according to FEC reports Mineau also contributed $900 to Scott Brown's state campaigns between 2003 and 2008. [Pre-Primary FEC Report, November 2009; Brown 2003 Year End Report, 1/1/03-12/31/03; Brown 2004 Post-Election Report, 2/14/04-3/22/04; Brown 2007 Year End Report, 1/1/07-12/31/07; Brown 2008 Pre-Primary Report, 1/1/08-8/29/08; Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 7/7/06]

Brown Accepted $1,500 in Campaign Contributions from Anti-Gay PAC. Brown accepted contributions to his U.S. Senate campaign from the anti-gay Massachusetts Independent PAC for Working Families. Massachusetts Independent PAC for Working Families says it is "dedicated to electing candidates at the state legislative level who support pro-family positions, particularly candidates who support traditional marriage and the right of the Massachusetts citizens to vote on this vital issue." [; Scott Brown for U.S. Senate Committee October 2009 FEC Report; Brown Pre-Primary Report, 1/1/08-8/29/08]

Brown Received Support from Anti-Gay 'Coalition for Marriage'. During his 2004 campaign for state Senate, Brown received support from Coalition for Marriage, a group which, according to The Boston Globe, "has championed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage that Brown voted for." The Globe reported that the Coalition for Marriage mobilized support for Brown through churches in the southwest of Boston. 'Obviously, Scott Brown has voted in the way we would like concerning the marriage amendment, and for him to be in the Senate would be a plus,' said Ronald A. Crews, spokesman for the coalition." [The Boston Globe, 2/24/04]

Brown Accepted Support from Leader of Anti-Gay 'Article 8 Alliance.' Brian Camenker led an "effort to out the state judges who legalized gay marriage in the state. Called the Article 8 Alliance, the group ... takes its name from the eighth article of the state constitution, which allows citizens to unseat elected officials if they become 'oppressors.'" [The Boston Globe, 10/28/04]

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I think Scott Brown should blast Mass Democrats and LGB's back for their lack of support of the T at the end of the LGB and for failing to tell people that not all T's are LGB or Transgender identified.

Bil if my comment gets you a little upset I hope you can see it for what it is turnabout is fair play and that it is relevant to the story. Also I just wanted to add my anger isn't focused on those who identify as transgender instead it is on those who think its okay to label me that or use me as a political football.