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New York Marriage Equality May Face Vote This Week

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Skelos.jpgThe marriage equality debate in New York state was heightened today in the state senate and assembly while representatives and senators considered their positions on the issue and discussed whether they would bring the marriage equality bill to a vote.

Senate members participated in a four-hour conference meeting in Albany, which concluded with an announcement from majority leader Dean Skelos (right) that the senate was unsure of whether the bill would go to a vote. He said that discussion on the issue would continue on Thursday. He said:

The issue has not been resolved and I will respect the decision of the conference once it's made, but the conference has asked me to keep the confidence of the conference at this point, which I intend to do.

32 votes are required for passage of the measure. 29 Democrats - all but the fiercely antigay Ruben Diaz - have announced their support - and 2 Republicans have also pledged support.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo submitted the marriage equality bill for a vote on Tuesday. His bill includes exemptions for religious organizations who oppose same-sex marriage and do not want to perform them in their own institutions, which has been a sticking point with opponents of marriage equality.

In the assembly, which boasts a Democratic majority and has passed the marriage equality bill three times already in previous years, a vote was expected to occur before the end of the night on Wednesday.

The legislative session is scheduled to end on Monday, June 20. Marriage equality proponents are aiming to hold a successful vote on the bill before the legislative session ends. If approved, the bill would become a law after 30 days.

Live audio and video of the legislative proceedings in New York are available online. Julie Bolcer of The Advocate is providing live coverage on Twitter.

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Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | June 16, 2011 9:42 AM

During the 2009 battle over same sex marriage In Maine Obama was silent, refusing to condemn rightwing bigots and christers. When he went to Puerto Rico to fish for votes on the mainland did he denounce the waves of murders of GLBT folks there? Maybe, but if so I missed it. Did he offer to send in teams of forensic detectives to track down, prosecute the killers. Obama's deliberate silence in Maine and Puerto Rico was in keeping with his unfortunately successful attempt to derail same sex marriage in California, Florida and Arizona and his earlier refusal to denounce Rick Warren and Donnie McClurkin.

Obama's bigoted 'gawd's in the mix' rant was heard by millions on CNN, MTV, Fox and other venues. No on 8, a front group for Democrats was too gutless to criticize Obama's bigotry. Then rightwing christians, mainly from the catholic, mormon and southern baptists cults used Obama's bigotry to galvanize the bigot vote in 2008. Apparently few people paid much attention to his feeble, tactical opposition to Prop 8' as being 'unnecessary'.

Now Obama, or at least his press agents, claim he's evolving. He did actually stop, after two long years, his administrations use of vile bigoted language to defend Clinton's DOMA and DADT in the courts. That's because he faces a very tough reelection fight. The economy can only get worse from now on because he refused to do anything about the twenty five million or so unemployed or underemployed workers. Instead of proposing spending however many trillions it takes to end unemployment by greening the economy he pushed to retain Bush's tax cuts for the rich. Adding salt to wounds he passed out trillions for TARP handouts, his phony 'stimulus package', his phony 'health care' plan and to stabilize Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, not to end foreclosures but to cover the losses of the banksters.

So is he contemplating pandering to us instead of the christers. Will he go to New York and campaign for same sex marriage by the deadline? Stay tuned for the next episode of As The Stomach Turns. And don't hold you breath.

The best of luck to everyone in NY fighting for the right to marry.