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NY Marriage Vote Unlikely Tonight

Filed By Adam Polaski | June 22, 2011 9:30 PM | comments

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rings.jpgAfter another day of protesting and campaigning in Albany from gay rights activists and opponents, it's looking more and more like the vote on marriage equality won't be happening tonight.

Liz Benjamin at Capital Tonight reported at 7:00pm tonight that the vote more than likely would not occur on Wednesday. She reported that final language must be reached on several measures, including a property tax cap and rent regulation bill.

She wrote:

In the Republican-led Senate, lawmakers are meeting to discuss the Article X measure and expect to take that measure up tonight. SUNY 2020, a plan that would allow for indexed tuition increases, may also be taken up tonight as well.

That makes it a virtual certainty that same-sex marriage will not be voted on tonight or in the wee hours of Thursday. A Senate official said no agreement has been reached on an amendment for religious exemptions in the bill, but language has been proposed.

The Advocate published today that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Dean Skelos, NY state senate majority leader, have worked toward greater agreement on the exemption for religious institutions that has reportedly been holding up the vote.

Check out Rev. Emily C. Heath's report updates at The Bilerico Project from today in Albany, and check back here tomorrow for continued updates about the New York marriage equality vote.

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Just reminding people that there's another GLBT bill. Not that anyone would know that from the news reports.

Sorry hon, I think they mean legislation that the trendy leftists, who would love nothing more than if Gloria Steinem were to crash their party, have the remotest interest in passing.

That should be whom not who. Just an apology to my fellow grammarians.

That should be whom not who. Just an apology to my fellow grammarians.

I think this question was completely answered on one of the other threads you've left it on. The politics behind it was explained. We may not like the result, but that doesn't mean no other legislation should pass because one bill didn't pass one chamber. Want GENDA? Get the votes in the GOP-controlled Senate.

Tina (IL) | June 23, 2011 8:52 AM

Bil, I agree in principle, but the reality is that a decision was made to push this piece of legislation and not the GENDA. Okay, there are more GL people in the world than Ts. I understand that, but why would you expect us to continue to support primarily GL legislation (not just this one, but DADT, which doesn't apply to Ts), while at the same time many in the GL community (not you), give lukewarm support (at best) to legislation regarding Ts. For the record, I support the marriage equality bill in NY and elsewhere...and I remain thrilled that Illinois, for all our problems, includes gender identity in our state law.

But I think it's important to point out that GENDA -was- a priority in New York for Democrats and the LGBT community. It stalled in the Senate thanks to Republicans. It passed the General Assembly where Dems control the chamber. GENDA's holdup is the same thing holding up marriage equality right now. The Republican leader of the Senate chamber who wouldn't bring it up for a vote. Do we have enough Republican votes to pass it? If so, there'd be a chance to bust it through if the Senators demanded it.

But right now marriage equality is being horse traded against rent control, property taxes, etc. Who knows what GENDA faced and lost?

I believe we're about to see a repeat of what happened in Mass., Conn., and other states. If gay marriage passes in NY now, the money, celebrities, and media attention will vanish, and poor, disadvantaged trans people in NY will be forced to wait yet another decade minimum before anyone bothers to notice them again.

It's an old and familiar story, and we already know quite well how it will end.

Rebecca, I would like to think you are wrong...I do believe there are many in the LG community who care about our issues. For example, in Illinois, Equality Illinois did champion gender identity being a part of our legislation dealing with discrimination (even though they kept referring to is as the gay rights bill). I hope that you are wrong, but I am also aware that the majority of people tend to work on issues that have a WIIFM...a what's in it for me...and for many in the LG community, they don't see anything in it fighting for our rights. Again, there are many exceptions to this, but I understand that some people will say "I've got mine, now things are fine" and not work for GENDA. So, I'm torn.

We have to support Marriage Equality because it's the right thing to do. That's all there is to it.

It may not be smart, or tactical, or pragmatic. It may mean that, as in every other state that has passed marriage equality before granting Trans people rights equal to those of gays, that we never get those rights. We've never done so, not once, not in over two decades in some places. It doesn't happen. Victory is declared, everyone goes home having achieved "full equality for GLBT people".

But how are we to argue for our rights, except on the basis of Justice? And to deny marriage equality is very unjust indeed.

We have to support Marriage Equality, and not just support it but fight for it with all our being, because it's the right thing to do. That's all there is to it.

I hope that my gay and lesbian and bisexual brothers and sisters will forgive me when, when victory is finally won, as it will be, this year, next year, or whenever, that I don't share in the joyous celebration with quite the same enthusiasm. Some things are beyond human capability. We will fight for your rights, but when we know it means the death of our dreams, and the deaths of many trans women and men, you can't expect us to smile and be happy. We can and will support and fight. But smile as the knife reaches our heart? That we cannot do.

I'm sorry Zoe, but I can't agree. Support gay marriage in principle? Sure, absolutely, but support it at the expense of trans people's ability to feed themselves and their families and keep them out of homelessness? I'm sorry, but that's just a bridge too far for me.

The reality is that no one will die because they can't get married, but people can and do die every day because they can't feed themselves or maintain housing. To me, that's the line. There are literally lives at stake here and for me, that settles the issue of priorities.