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Old Navy Sells Pride Shirts (In a Few Stores)

Filed By Bil Browning | June 02, 2011 10:00 AM | comments

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Just in time for Pride Month, Old Navy has announced they will be selling a limited edition t-shirt to help LGBT people celebrate. They're carrying versions for men, women and babies.

Ten percent of the profits go to the It Gets Better Project who, in turn, is giving some of their cash to the Trevor Project. No word on why Old Navy didn't just give the donations directly to the organization with a hotline to help suicidal teens.

Oh yeah. There is a reason.

UPDATE: Queerty's Daniel Villareal points out that the chain will only be selling the shirts at 26 out of 1009 stores. That's it. I almost included in the original post how cool it would be to see those in the Indianapolis store I shopped at for cheap tees, but not one store in Indiana will have them in stock.


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the day these shirts were announced, I looked online in the Old Navy store and couldn't find them for sale online either ...

Kathy Padilla | June 2, 2011 11:09 AM

Are you saying that donations and funds transmitted to the it gets better project don't all go to a nonprofit?

The website says:
"IT GETS BETTER and IT GETS BETTER PROJECT are trademarks owned and licensed by Savage Love, LLC."

And the WA Corp Bureau lists that as a for profit:

UBI Number 602949861
Category LLC
Profit/Nonprofit Profit
Active/Inactive Active
State of Incorporation WA

But the Charities Bureau lists:

Charitable Solicitations Program Charity Profile Report
Iola Foundation
Mailing Address:
8315 Beverly Boulevard
Suite 101
LOS ANGELES CA 90048 Street Address:
8315 Beverly Boulevard
Suite 101
Registration #30334

Registration Status Exempt
Other Names Used Artists Give Back
It Gets Better Project
Phone (323)782-1437
Web Site

Purpose Description: The purpose of the organization is to provide opportunities for members of the creative community to support charitable causes, including, among other things, raising awareness of LGBT bullying and suicide. The organization operates a website ( that includes a video campaign with people sharing their messages with LGBT youth about how "it gets better". The organization also coordinates various local activities to raise awareness of these issues and is raising funds to help support the production of an It Gets Better themed documentary.
Federal EIN 26-1906629
Federal Tax Status Exempt 501C3

It does seem odd to have the for profit so tightly allied with the nonprofit - but that's likely just because a structure existed to get the venture started and it then grew, evolved & filed the separate nonprofit paperwork. One would hope the trademarks ownership transfer over to the nonprofits as well over time as they represented significant merchandising assets. But - I don't see that anything here represents any conflict.

The questions of self aggrandizement are of course matters of personal judgment.

I'm just saying that if you're going to donate to charity, why would you go through a middle man who has expenses of their own to pay? Why not just go straight (pardon the pun) to the source?

"Oh yeah. There IS a reason." LOL!

I love the design ... but I'd like one with a black background ... and a round neck opening ... and I hope I can go buy one without driving over 1,000 miles ... and I hope it comes in XXXXXL.

OK ... so where is the link to the web location that lists the specific 26 stores that carry these tees ... or has that info been classified "TOP SECRET" by the pentagon?

Oh, Hell with 'em! ... Instead of a Pride T-shirt from Old Navy to wear to Gay Pride, I'm buying a jock strap from [=Nasty Pig=] ... and I will probably blend into the crowd better if I wear it (and I don't mean under my mint green leisure suit).