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Palin's Tour Bus Tagged in NYC

Filed By Jake Weinraub | June 02, 2011 5:00 PM | comments

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Sarah Palin had her constitution edited during a tour date in Manhattan yesterday:


I normally don't like the world 'whore' unless it's reclaimed in the sex-positive sense, but I do appreciate Palin getting checked on how welcome she really is in NYC. The buses of horrible people should be tagged more often and fiercer, like the reverse of that scene in "Priscilla Queen of the Desert."

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As a matter of curiosity, what do you mean by "I normally don't like the world 'whore' unless it's reclaimed in the sex-positive sense"?

How can the word "whore" be used in a sex-positive sense?

She’s in the short bus to mediocrity. I am not getting on it, just gonna stand on the curb and wave as it goes barreling off the cliff.

Jay Kallio | June 2, 2011 5:52 PM

I don't support defaming anyone of any gender or political stripe using the word "whore". That word is obviously being used to devalue both sex workers and Sarah Palin. I could not oppose Sarah Palin more vehemently on the basis of her political opinions, but I object very strongly to using the defamation of sex workers to revile her. I'm very uncomfortable that this is being used in Bilerico as a positive image. I hope you will more closely examine the thinking that has gone into this post. I think it sends a very negative message about sex workers and smacks of misogyny.

yeah, I agree Jay. I tried to show that tension in my last little paragraph but I guess it didn't come through?

Jay Kallio | June 3, 2011 4:27 PM

Your disclaimer did not work, in my view. When women politicians are called by terms that are derogatory to women I consider it an ad hominem attack, and bigotry as well, both of which are out of line for me.

So what would have worked? Just posting about the vandalism without mentioning his discomfort with the word too? You're chastising him for something someone else did. Jake didn't tag the bus; he reported on it and said that using "whore" was a bad thing.

I don't get your complain with the post and Bilerico since the two of you are actually in agreement.

Jay Kallio | June 4, 2011 8:24 PM

I don't think this should have been posted at all, unless it was to criticize both the vandal for misogyny and defaming sex workers, and whatever else you wished to say about Sarah Palin. I do not see anything positive in this image. It makes me feel lousy that someone who supposedly is on the same side as I am politically would behave in such an ugly, woman hating fashion.

If you were a sex worker, how would you have wanted to see this posted?

This post is very offensive. Jake initially describes the photo as "editing her constitution", which sounds like he is lauding this misogynistic vandalism. In the middle he says something sort of equivocal about his "not normally" being in favor of using the word "whore" unless it is somehow rendered sex positive (I have not heard it being used except to denigrate sex workers), implying that in this case he does favor using the word, and that he appreciates that this "tagging" was done. Lastly, he is saying that this kind of "tagging" should be done more often. No where does he say clearly that "using 'whore' was a bad thing" as you suggest, Bil.

I profoundly disagree, and I do not appreciate that this "tagging" was done at all, and I would not tell others to do it more often.

After several other commenters objected to this, Jake posted something equivocal about his "tension" about that word. That's great that he is aware that it might be an offensive slur, but it doesn't change the fact that the original post was really offensive. I do not see anyone writing in to support it, so I think there is a good chance that others read it in a similar fashion.

Are you sure that Bilerico wants to support the use of defamatory language against sex workers, and encourage others to do the same? Because that is the way the original post reads. We have a sincere difference of opinion here, and as a lifelong feminist I encourage you to hesitate before posting ugly. woman hating slurs against women candidates, even conservative ones you disagree with. I may detest certain candidates for their views, but there is no way I will hurl racial, ethnic, gender, or sexual orientation, etc., based slurs against them, and I will speak out when others who are on my side do so as well. It is perfectly possible and powerful to speak clearly and in a civil, nondefamatory way to protest people's political positions without using slurs.

This type of bigoted ad hominem attack against a candidate only reflects poorly on the attacker. Ad hominem is the weakest argument to make.

I'm really disconcerted that you are defending this post. We may not be on the same side as much as I had thought here. I don't tolerate misogyny or slurs, and if you do we are not going to get along. I hope I have made myself clear.

jill.gaulding | June 3, 2011 11:47 AM

Gotta agree with Jay Kallio. I would never defend Sarah Palin's politics, but calling her a "whore" is lowest-common-denominator misogyny. And "media whore" adds an extra layer of misdirected criticism. What, like other politicians don't seek media attention?

And by the way, although I agree with Gina9223's bye-bye-Palin stance, it's actually not cool to insult people by saying "they are on the short bus." Let's keep Bilerico inclusive!

I think we need to put our heads together for some Shakespearean quality insults to throw at Sarah Palin. Or maybe we can just run Tina Fey clips in a continuous loop.