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Police Brutality: Don't Dance at the Jefferson Memorial

Filed By Bil Browning | June 04, 2011 7:00 AM | comments

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Whatever you do, don't dance at the Jefferson Memorial. Anyone know what the hell is going on in this video? Warning: This will piss you off! Think back to Dan Choi getting manhandled by the Russian police and tell me this is any different.

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They are actually doing this again today at 12 Eastern and livestreaming it at

There was a recent court ruling that determined it was illegal to dance in a national memorial as a national memorial is a place for reflection and dancing is not a permitted manner of reflection. They are protesting this ruling.

What type of fascist state do Americans live in? Home of the free??? Not f*cking likely...

This has been going on for ages. I got questioned by DC police outside of Jefferson on a school trip for skipping. My chaperone's thought I just threatened to blow up the pentagon by how forceful they were being.

Gaytorguy | June 6, 2011 12:43 PM

In my years I have watched as laws were passed prohibiting more than 3 people from discussing anything in front of the white house which the "law enforcement or military personnel determined to be detrimental to national security". Where any political discussion had to be done blocks away from the white house. Where protesters have been fenced in areas away from meeting of the IMF, WTO, et al and not even on the travel route. So, effectively, they were silenced. Then there were the laws prohibiting burning of the USA flag, which failed. That one would have made the Boy Scouts tradition of retiring torn, faded or ragged flags by burning illegal as well!
Now, we cannot dance, kiss or say anything subversive at a memorial? What are our troops fighting for? What democratic reforms are arab nations fighting for? I remember when I was first in college in the early 70's. A Poly Sci professor made a statement. As time progresses, communist/socialist countries will become more democratic/capitalistic. And the USA will be come more restrictive to its people. Boy! Was he ever right!