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Space Needle Says No to Raising the Pride Flag

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Seattle Pride Flag.jpgOn Thursday, Josh Castle started a petition on after I confirmed a rumor that the Space Needle was not going to fly the Pride flag again during Seattle Pride.

In less than 24 hours more than 1,500 people signed Josh's petition thanking the Space Needle for flying the flag for the first time last year, and they asked the Space Needle to fly the flag again.

Yesterday, the Space Needle said no to the more than 1,500 fans of the Space Needle who signed Josh's petition. They told the Stranger, "we are not flying the flag again."

I have to wonder, did the Space Needle even read some of the comment's on Josh's petition?

Leif T. wrote, "Seeing the flag on our city's symbol made me feel so welcome and part of this place," Leif said. "While I'm an adult and have found my way and feel welcome already, there are thousands of young people who need to know they are welcome in this city. Please fly the rainbow flag again to remind us all that this is an inclusive place!"

A lifetime resident of Seattle, Robert W. wrote, "Having grown up in the Seattle area I have always taken pride and comfort in the city's support of the LGBT community," He explained. "In so many ways, the Space Needle is Seattle - In the 60s it looked forward to the future; it continues to do so to this day. I hope it will continue to point the way!"

The Space Needle also announced their plan not to fly the flag through a press release on their Facebook page written by Seattle Out & Proud, a non-profit that organizes a portion of Seattle Pride events, including the parade. SO&P wrote, "Seattle Out & Proud (SO&P) is excited that we are able to connect with the Space Needle this year to bring the flag to the parade and march with it up front."

I spoke to Josh and asked him what he thought of the Space Needle's plan. He said, "People won't remember that the Pride flag led the parade. People will remember that the Space Needle did not fly the flag. That is an unfortunate message to send to our community," he said. "The Space Needle needs to raise the flag."

While I firmly believe the Space Needle is a friend to the LGBT community, I do not believe they understand how sad their decision has made our community.

If you agree with Josh Castle, and you want to help raise the flag on the Space Needle, please continue to sign and share Josh's petition. Leave your personal stories on the Space Needle Facebook page. Politely tell them why this is important to you. Send them a tweet @Space_Needle. Tell them why this matters so much to you.

I sincerely hope the Space Needle changes their mind. I know you do too.

Please sign and share Josh's petition to ask the Space Needle to raise the Pride flag during Seattle Pride.

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Why wouldn't they fly the pride flag? What's their reason for saying no?

The Space Needle is saying that they make a policy not to fly flags on a recurring basis.

If this is true and they do not fly flags on a recurring basis I respect their decision. I understand everyone's disappointment over this decision, but the space needle is following their policies and I am not going to object to that.

I agree. If they did it once, as they choose to do with any other flags, then I think it's fine if they don't want to fly the pride flag again if it will go against their recurring policy. It's nice that they did it once before. Demanding them to do it again if that's actually their policy crosses the line to entitlement.

Actually they fly the 12th man flag every year. It represents Seattle's support for football.

I don't know their real reason(s) for not wanting to fly the flag -- but I do think we should all keep in mind that, with a flag or without any flag of any kind, the Space Needle is an obvious potential target for ... OMG, I better not use the t-word! ... shall we say, a highly unfriendly act of the type that the Dept of Homeland Security is top in line to prevent.

So there is always the possibility that they know something we don't ... and maybe we might cut them a bit of slack ...

Geez, I can't believe it's been almost 49 years since I visited the Space Needle with my high school band. We played at the fair. Of course, it was brand NEW then. I remember reading the computer printout, done in only 4 seconds; riding the monorail; Seeing, for the first time, $1,000,000.00 in Silver Dollars; getting to meet Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in person, etc. etc. This was the wave of the FUTURE. Last year, with the flying of the Gay Pride Flag, the future appeared to have arrived. Deciding to NOT fly the flag this year will be not just a small step backwards but a giant LEAP in the wrong direction. CHANGE your minds people.

As long as we're pissing into the wind, why not start a petition to have the Space Needle host SNL? Enough with the petitions already!