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su23webcolor1.jpgHave you ever thought of an idea that would make a good project, but maybe just didn't have the wherewithal, the resources or the drive to see it through? Or have you ever seen something totally engaging that you knew you could wholeheartedly support?

Recently I've come across something that I love, both in idea and in practice, and I would like you to take a look with me.

Alix Smith (first name pronounced A-leeks) is a brilliant photographer who has received recognition for her art. But she has recently decided to change things up. More specifically, she has chosen to document non-traditional, same-sex families in traditional, beautiful ways. "I wanted to show people the beauty of all families, that there's nothing to be afraid of," she told me.

And she does it beautifully. Not only that, she has a vision. I've asked her to share it with you (with more photos after the jump).

States of Union is a photographic project that documents gay and lesbian couples and families in the style of the classic masterpieces. As a lesbian I conceived of this project to fill the void I experienced in my own coming out process - I had no paradigms, no role models, no historical examples, and no contemporary exemplars of what my family might look like.

In order to truly do justice to the subject matter and show the diversity represented in our community I am currently raising funds to facilitate travel to photograph families from states that are not traditionally perceived as gay-friendly (e.g, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Alabama, Alaska, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Georgia, Virginia, Wyoming, and Washington)

The more the world is permeated with images of loving and committed same-sex couples and families, the harder it will be for same-sex relationships to be considered 'other'.

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These photographs are truly beautiful, and so is her vision. Showing loving, human families reveals the reality of our lives to a world sometimes too blind to see beyond difference. It's a light we need....

To see more of these gorgeous photographs, offer words of encouragement, appreciation and support, go to her website.

(all images used with permission)

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Pam Daniels Pam Daniels | June 13, 2011 2:54 PM

Greg, this is a fabulous story! I hope Alix has a literary agent and/or publisher, if she doesn't someone should sign her immediately. Everyone should visit her website.

I don't have a literary agent or a publisher yet, but I am hoping to find one soon. Thank you so much for your support. Best, Alix