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Alexander McQueen Leaves His Dogs $82k

Filed By Bil Browning | July 27, 2011 12:00 PM | comments

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In your frivolous news of the day post, designer Alexander McQueen has left his three pet dogs £50,000 ($82,000). The money will be used for the care of the canines, because you can't expect McQueen's dogs to eat Walmart brand grub out of K-Mart dishes. dog-with-bowl.jpgHe also left two animal charities £100,000 each.

The bulk of his 16 million pound estate went to his Sarabande charity, which supports scholarships for art and design studies. His five siblings were left 250,000 pounds each, and his "two household staff members, godson and all of his nieces and nephews" were provided also 50,000 pounds each.

The details of his will were released yesterday. The famed fashion designer committed suicide in February of 2010.

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The dogs have to split $82K three-ways? Ugh, such a shame.

give them $250.00, pocket the rest.
dogs can't handle long division. but watch out for square roots, they will get you there, every time.

Having dogs myself, I know what it costs to care for them. There are vaccinations, vet bills, food, grooming and other costs associated with pet ownership. He apparently loved his dogs and wanted to be sure that they would have quality care for the rest of their lives, even if he could not do it himself. Certainly 82k is a lot of money, but at least those dogs will not want for anything, and will never have to be sent to a shelter because they were unwanted.

So, 16 million, most of which went to charity, a significant amount to family, and a trust for the care of his dogs, who were obviously loved and gave him love in return? Honestly, I don't have a problem with this at all.