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Application Process Opens for NY Same-Sex Nuptials

Filed By Adam Polaski | July 05, 2011 4:00 PM | comments

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rings.jpgSame-sex couples planning to take advantage of New York's new marriage equality law can start applying for marriage licenses today online. Couples will not be able to officially marry until July 25, 30 days after the marriage equality ruling was signed by NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Online applications are currently being accepted - but not in-person pre-applications. The online application process is a way for the City Clerk's office to better estimate what their staffing needs will be in the first few weeks where the marriage equality law takes effect in the state.

The updated forms for the pre-application weren't immediately available this morning, but the City Clerk's office says they should be updated online later today.

NY1 has more information, and the marriage bureau for the NY City Clerk's office will have continually updated information about same-sex marriage in the state.

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If you'll be applying for a license, let us know!

My lady and I will be - but not until the fall, for family logistical reasons. I'm anxious - if it were just up to me, we'd be aiming for July 26th, which is the 15th anniversary of our handfasting.

But there are other things that have to be taken into consideration...

This morning, I am headed to the City Clerk's Office with the necessary paperwork to register as a marriage officiant. Anyone seeking a Roman Catholic priest to officiate at their wedding can contact me. Obviously, I'll be doing this without the permission of the archbishop of New York and under the name of a different and more benevolent church. For Catholic couples, I intend to use the ritual prescribed by the Roman Catholic Church so that when that church finally recognizes same sex marriage, all the weddings I will have performed will be recognized as legitimate, and those couples will not have to get married again. This is speculative, but if history is any indication, it is the probable unfolding.

Bravo, Fr. Tony, Bravo!


Thanks Joani,
This may result in some personal repercussions, but they are of no consequences to me or my husband at this point. My husband's main concern was that he would have no respect for me if, in the course of performing weddings, I said words at variance with my own personal beliefs or lack of them. I concur with this. Each union is personal and unique. The words needed to officiate should respect that. For Catholic couples that want the Catholic formula, I'll deliver it, specifying that this is a nod to the familial tradition of the spouses. Careful thought is needed to craft same sex unions as significant, and not a joke or a parody. The official should guide the couple through the process.