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Ex-Gay Minister Blames Homosexuality For Teen Suicide

Filed By Dr. Jillian T. Weiss | July 27, 2011 7:30 AM | comments

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"The state-run media is going after the schools for resisting the homosexual indoctrination. The homosexuals are now blaming--they are playing the victims--the homosexuals are now blaming [the schools'] stance as the reason that young homosexuals are committing suicide because of the schools' intolerance to the lifestyle of homosexuality."

-- Bradlee Dean, the head of the ex-gay ministry You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, and Michele Bachmann ally, as quoted in Mother Jones Magazine about the suicide contagion issue in the Anoka-Hennepin public schools system in Minnesota, which had banned any mention of LGBT issues.

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Dean is an Ex-gay?! Why did I not catch that before? There is no such thing as ex-gay and being gay he should know better. Oh, I feel a BIG comment comming on....

Dean's "ministry" is appropriately titled. He can hide behind the belief that he is ex-gay. He may have changed some behaviors, but his orientation remains.

I am just so fed up with hearing about these so-called "EX-GAY" ministries and therapies, etc., etc. It is just one big fat ugly LIE; no one has ever changed their sexual orientation, not ever!

What they have done is the same thing that "closet cases" have been done for the last 2000 years. They date and marry (and occasionally have sex with) members of the opposite sex. This charade is typically sexually easier for women then for men (simply because women can fake the entire sexual experience much easier than men can)! Sometimes these "pray the gay away" types started out bi-sexual which makes the lie a bit easier (at least sexually) but these individuals NEVER actually stop being gay oriented also!

Whatever their story is, they simple do everything in their power to repress their natural urges (and many times fail to do that as well) and that becomes their "heterosexuality". Time and again, when these individual have had enough, they come out and abandon these bogus "heterosexual" relationships (or even marriages unfortunately) usually leaving hurt and disillusioned partners or spouses. If there are kids it compound the "mess"! I really wish the different psychological and psychiatric associations in the US would declare "repairative therapy" as what it really is - ABUSE! Then the authorities can step in a stop these quakes from turning potentially happy gay people into miserable liars masquerading as "straight"!

Its a terrible shame the damages done by these hucksters and shamans, families that never should have been, wives who are bitter and miserable, and children who are left with broken families because someone's "mythological" religion doesn't believe that homosexuals are "normal"!

How do I know this? I was one of these poor fools, who, in my late teens and early twenties attempted to change my sexual orientation (though not for religious reason but more for social reasons). Part of the reason I wanted to do this was because I had no positive role models of gay male relationships that either lasted or were fulfilling. When it was abundantly clear (after a few years) that I would never feel heterosexual I stop the nonsense and got about the business of accepting myself and learning to love all of me, including the gay part. Much to my amazement not only did I find and keep a wonderful and loving relationship (Dave and I have been together twenty years), but within the year we are going to move to New York state and make our relationship legal!

If you are one of these conflicted individuals who is struggling with your sexual orientation because of religious, family or social reasons trust me on this, no one has or ever will change their sexual orientation, the best you can hope for is to live a lie and be miserable! Statistically, individuals who attempt to change their orientation often become depressed and even suicidal. Learn to love yourself (I know that is easier said then actually done) find a decent partner and start going to a church that does not say you are a sinner because of who you love!

Your family will be better off, the poor opposite sex woman or man you will never destroy in a fake marriage will be better off, the kids you might have brought forth through these fake marriages will be better off and you will be happier (this is a fact, unlike the lie that a person can change their orientation)!

Good luck with it!

Another who believes the same is Camille Paglia. Here's Porno Pete quoting her approvingly: