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Hitler Holds News Conference, Blames Balanced Budget for US Loss

Filed By Don Davis | July 26, 2011 4:00 PM | comments

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(FNS - Washington, New Germany, April 17, 1947) America's new Führer, Adolf Hitler, announced today that his official war history star-trek-nazis.jpgwould, in fact, acknowledge that one of the biggest contributing factors to the defeat of the Allies was the insistence of the former United States of America on sticking to its balanced budget amendment, which left them unable to fund the wartime conversion of the US economy for the benefit of the Alliance. "All those ideas Mr. Roosevelt spoke of", said Hitler, "Lend-lease, modular shipbuilding, war bonds, secret the end, all of them were just words, since the Americans' Congress was never willing to allow the country to fully fund its war effort." As has been previously disclosed, Waffen SS historians have already located caches of documents in Washington describing plans to fund a massive military expansion in the former United States by selling war bonds.
These debt instruments would have allowed the Roosevelt administration to spend up to 40% of the gross domestic product of the former nation in defending itself, the former United Kingdom, and other nations against the Fatherland, but for reasons that are still not well understood, conservative politicians demanded that the former US government never "take on debt for outsiders", or, in the words of Mae Cadoodie, leader of the American Tea Party movement, "Never invite a foreign entanglement that raises our taxes". Had the Americans been allowed to sell war bonds, or to raise taxes to fund the war, it is estimated that they could have provided tens of thousands of aircraft, millions of military vehicles, and hundreds of ships, but the balanced budget amendment prevented any of that. This represents the end of a series of political arguments that had been taking place since the 1930s, when some American economists were suggesting that a new idea called "deficit spending" could be helpful in bringing the former USA out of the Great Depression; at that time the Roosevelt administration was unable to establish agencies such as the Work Projects Administration, which would have built public works projects throughout the USA in an effort to revive the moribund economy. Mae Cadoodie and others fought back successfully against these ideas, pointing out that the last thing the US economy needed in a bad economy was new taxes; they made the same arguments when the Roosevelt administration first proposed lend-lease as a war emergency measure. "We cannot inflict punishing new taxes on American industry at this fragile time in our recovery," Cadoodie said in a famous speech in 1939, "and if the market is really there for this military material, if it's not just some boondoggle manufactured by Roosevelt to take money out of the pockets of the American people, then I'm sure the British will be able to find the funding they need from the markets or from charitable donations." Cadoodie was unavailable for comment, as she and most other former American politicians are still serving on the Eastern Front, and will be for the foreseeable future. In a related story, the conversion of the remainder of the American industrial base is underway for the fight against the Russians, and millions of otherwise unemployed Americans are being drafted into the military services in preparation for the final assault. *(Photo source: Star Trek screen grab)*

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Yeah, really. We can make a point without comparing our opponents to Hitler.

Umm... The reference to Hitler may be over played, the thesis is sound. If we had this Congress during the Depression or the start of WWII then we would have failed in both of those endeavors and been a third world country, a back water. What I fear is that the most extreme elements of the Tea Party are quite willing to destroy our country for their fucked up ideals....and because they just can't take a non-white as a sitting President.

Tasteless? Maybe. But sometimes the best satire skirts the line.

I just read the post. Again. And nowhere are "our" opponents compared to Hitler. Perhaps reading the words that were actually used may help.

Mr. Davis is merely taking the politics of our time, applying them to another place in our history, and postulating a possible outcome.