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Is NFL Star Cedric Benson an Angry Gay Man?

Filed By Mark S. King | July 22, 2011 10:00 AM | comments

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When an NFL player with a $7 million dollar contract has a male roommate, you have to wonder. And then you feel ashamed, for wondering whether or not a high-profile athlete might be gay. And then you wonder why wondering whether someone is gay is such a terrible thing.

cedric-clevens-swipe.jpgCedric Benson was arrested last week for beating the bloody crap out of his roommate (Benson and his alleged victim, right, in happier times). The victim of the alleged crime claims that Benson approached him, said they "needed to talk about their problems," and started pounding.

Benson allegedly punched him again and again and again - a lot like those hate crimes (or crimes of passion) when the perpetrator isn't satisfied with a single, withering blow. Benson now has a history of arrests for crimes mostly related to drug and alcohol abuse. A lot of unhappy gay men can relate to that.

Here we have a man in a heterosexual-dominated field, who has a long time male roommate, who has problems with drugs and alcohol, and real anger issues when it comes to "talking out his problems." Things that make you go "hmm."

Do we try to understand Cedric Benson, because he may be a panicked gay man trapped in a living lie, or blame this on a culture of homophobia (internalized and otherwise), or mind our own damn business?


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"Do we try to understand Cedric Bensen, because he may be a panicked gay man trapped in a living lie, or blame this on a culture of homophobia (internalized and otherwise), or mind our own damn business?"

You might try researching domestic violence in the gay community and ask why nobody wants to talk about it.

That is an interesting point Dweeb and one with interesting timing. I am the Immediate Past President of the Charm City Payroll Association and we do philanthropy work. At our meeting yesterday we had a lady in from the House of Ruth an organization that works with "battered intimate partners". She said that about 5% of the population they deal with are same sex partners. It kind of shocked me because I said to her afterwards it is something that is rarely talked about in the GLBT especially among gay men.
And for the record on the story his last name is spelled Benson not Bensen. Being a huge sports fan I thought it didnt look right and verified it on other sites.

I can't believe I let a misspelling get past me. It has been corrected.

And thanks for the focus on the domestic abuse aspect of this story, which deserves the attention!

Is there anything wrong with "wondering" if someone is gay or not? I don't think so. It might be troublesome if you are in the closet, a public figure, and an abusive alcoholic, and others are "wondering" about YOU. Someday we may be free enough to just say who we are without concern about what others might think.
I wasn't aware of the domestic abuse problem within same sex relationships. Thanks for the column and, as always, thanks for the thoughtful comments.

Om Kalthoum | July 22, 2011 8:08 PM

I was happy when he left the Bears because he just wasn't performing worth a darn on the field. His continual run-ins with the law since then have gotten a lot of play in the Chicago media because of the Bears connection. This is the first hint of a gay angle, though. Yes, my interest was immediately piqued when I read a news item which very circumspectly mentioned the "male roommate." I'm sure we'll know soon enough what the deal is. Meanwhile, Cedric needs to get his substance use/abuse under control.