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Tackiest PR Pitch Award Winner

Filed By Bil Browning | July 25, 2011 11:00 AM | comments

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It's been a while since I've felt compelled to offer up a PR pitch so incredibly tacky that it deserves to be lifted up on the site for public ridicule. reading-glasses.jpgThis one, however, should get an award for it's sheer insensitivity and crassness.

In a society where appearances dominate perceptions, physical features have unfortunately influenced bullying. Kids are afraid to look stand out because of their difference of appearance; making them a potential bullying target. Consequently, many young children with conditions such as astigmatism grow wary about their eye-wear in fear that they will be called "nerd" or "freak" by their peer aggressors. As a result of school-hall torment (and an attempt to avoid) the student may remove their helpful glasses. This action could lead to increased sight impairment and (increased) lack of educational focus. Contacts can help to avoid this but are they safe?

Although contact lenses require a dedicated sense of responsibility, they can be an excellent choice for children. Youth produces more eye moisture than adults, enabling them to tolerate better and easier contact lenses application. Additionally, a recent study involving nearsighted children, ages eight to eleven, showed that 90% of them had no problems applying or removing a one-day disposable contact lens - sans assistance from their parents. Contacts take practice, but once mastered are safe and simple for kids to use every day.

Once contact lenses are decided upon by the family, and prescription is obtained from the child's physician, the most convenient and inexpensive way to buy them is through The website is clear and interactive, allowing the customer to easily navigate the site. A wide assortment of brands and category of lenses are accessible. In addition to clear navigation, offers significant savings and discounts for customers: free shipping for purchases over $50.00 and a "best price guarantee" that promises to match competing prices.

Would you be interested in testing our new system? We could provide you and your readers a discount for testing and reviewing our website.

What kind of nasty, worthless and insensitive company tries to sell contact lenses off the dead bodies of bullied teens? What message does this send other than, "If the kid wasn't wearing glasses, they wouldn't get bullied! Don't blame the bully! Blame the bespectacled four-eyed freak!"

I called the PR rep for the pitch and got this reply, "Our intention was to instill confidence and show that there's a portal that can be sued to purchase contact lenses which can provide confidence because, you know, it's been shown that some kids with glasses have more confidence when they get contact lenses. It wasn't our intention to be hurtful."

But it is. It's blood money. (img src)

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I don't understand how this is tacky. It's true: kids get bullied for wearing glasses. I got bullied for wearing glasses. Now, when this happens, a responsible parent will find out the name of the student bullying their child, and report that name to the school administration. A responsible parent would also listen to their children's concerns about events going on at school, and give them words of wisdom and comfort, to remind that child that they have a million and ten reasons to be filled with self-confidence. However, that's just what I would do with my own children. Would you call a PR firm to fix a problem in your household?