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When Murdering a Queer Isn't Enough

Filed By Toshio Meronek | July 19, 2011 2:00 PM | comments

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Violence.jpgWhat makes a person hate queers so badly that killing isn't enough? Don't ask me, but in an article published in Social Text journal, as well as an interview on an Against the Grain radio show that aired yesterday, Eric A. Stanley examines the violence and threat of violence experienced by queers in America today.

Drawing on the murders of queer people such as Rashawn Brazell and Scotty Joe Weaver, which were barely covered by the mainstream media - or any media, for that matter - Stanley speaks about how the law can help to further reproduce an environment in which violence toward queers is an everyday occurrence; the idea of "overkill" as a way people express hatred beyond what plain, old killing can accomplish; what constitutes "life" when life, as in Scotty Joe Weaver's case, can be taken away so shockingly by a best friend - and yet not shock the world into caring the way it cared for, say, Caylee Anthony; and the effect of class differences on much of this.

Stanley is co-editor with Nat Smith of the forthcoming anthology Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex, and co-director with Chris Vargas of the films Homotopia and Criminal Queers.

You can download the one-hour radio program here, and the article here.

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