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31 Days: Chasing the White Rabbit

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Thanks to my friend Mike's inspiration, I'm going to start a new series today that will run for the next 31 days. Each day I'll post a photo from my collections of snapshots and include a small story about it. Photography is one of my secret loves; I have no training and most of my shots, well, aren't that great. But sometimes I get a good one.

I'm going to try to stick with photos I've not shared on Bilerico Project before. Some will be personal, some LGBT specific, and others will just be cool shots I like. Feel free to share links to some of your favorite photos in the comments section.

The first installment is after the break. For the rest of the series I'll post the photo before the break with the explanation after.


When we first moved to DC, one of the things that stood out about the Adams Morgan neighborhood was the graffiti. I'm not talking about your standard old gang markings and so-and-so loves someone-else crap; there are some real works of art in the area.

The small grocery store next door abuts our condo building. There's a dumpster against the wall and shortly after Spring arrived, a little white bunny showed up at ground level next to it. That's it. No signature, no explanation, just a little rabbit helping to usher in the new season.

By the time a month or two had passed, the rabbit was looking a little worse for wear. In fact, he'd mostly disappeared. One morning though, our bedraggled bunny had a new friend joining him on the edge of the sidewalk. A new rabbit - exactly like the previous one - was now on the wall a few paces behind our old friend and he had a message for pedestrians.

Since there was a signature this time, I did a little googling and discovered that plusmn is a female DC-based artist who says on her site, "My mission with this project is not to make a political statement or be rebellious. I want to make the streets look a little more interesting, and hope that I can make someone's day out there."

She has succeeded.

You can find the rest of the series posts here:

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What an awesome idea, and I look forward to seeing your work. I"ve been shooting for 30 years, so I never get tired of appreciating someone else's eye.

Don't get your hopes up too high, Sayen. I'm definitely an amateur. *grins*

IF I had a nickle for every time I heard that one.

I've been blessed enough to make a few bucks with my photography, but I've found out that 99% of amateurs (yourself included, based on what I see) need so little improvement to take their art to the next level. A little tweak here, a tweak there, and presto! They're shooting at a pro level.

I look forward to the series, and appreciate your putting it out there. There's nothing more terrifying than putting your works on display for all to see, so I know the guts this is taking putting it out there.

Not all of them will be photos I took. I plan on incorporating some childhood photos and other pics of me, and some that Jerame took but are in our collection of snapshots. Just an FYI.

All good to me. This isn't about your opening a photography master class, it's about your love of the art and medium. I'm always an avid fan of that.

Nice! Seems as if the only graffiti I can find here in Bubbastan is on railroad cars rolling along the tracks. I'm just now getting around to posting mine for the day.

Thanks Bil. I love that plate. I'd like to clean it and part of an old gaslight fixture up and display them in the kitchen. I still haven't found all the things that are hidden in the garage. Can't wait to see the remaining 30 pics.

*hop* *hop* *hop* ... =:x you invoked my Indian name, which is Rabbit.
Sooo....whats up doc? This project sounds like fun. I can't wait to see where you go. I really wonder if you'll cross the tracks I left there long ago. =:x

Thanks for the encouragement, Gina. Check your e-mail btw. You won a prize and I need your address to ship it to you. ;)