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31 Days: El Guano Loco

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The backstory behind this photo is after the break.


I'm doing a series of posts for 31 days that will feature a photo from my personal collections and the backstory behind the picture. I'm trying to stick with shots that have not appeared on the site before. I'm using the stories as a writing exercise to help me prepare for writing a book. You can find the rest of the series posts here:

Back in Indiana, a small group of local progressive bloggers would get together to hang out and talk shop. We called ourselves "El Guano Loco" because we're all bat shit crazy. This photo was taken by our server at Indianapolis' best pizza place, Jockamos, in January of 2009.

Since today is a nightmare mouth pain day, that's all the backstory I have in me other than to say that Lalita Amos is one of the naughtiest and nicest people in the world. I adore her. Since I know that she and Joh Padgett are quite profligate with their words, I'll let them fill in any anecdotes they'd like in the comments section.

Pictured from left: Jerame Davis, Don Sherfick, Lalita Amos, Garland Amos, unknown, Bil Browning, Jerry Hicis, and Joh Padgett.

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Well, Bil ... all I can say is ... thanks for inviting me ... not.

(Is the group still meeting, even though you and Jerame are now in D.C.?)

El Guano Loco actually came together initially as a means of uniting the bloggers of Indy after a very contentious Congressional primary in 2008 between Congressman Andre Carson, Dr. Woodrow Myers and David Orentlicher that had divided the community. The first meeting was a means to unite behind Andre and the rest of the Dem ticket that year (except none of us thought Jill Long would win the Statehouse).

Then it turned into an excuse to get a great group of people together to talk politics and local issues, share too many silly jokes and support some local eateries. We haven't met for a couple years now but maybe a reunion is in order soon :)

Bil, you're my home slice, too. mWAH! Be better soon.

As to who we were--a gathering of liberal Indiana--hit up a narcotic and use your fevered imaginations. *shiver* Mostly, we spent our time talking each other off the ledge, or at least coaxing the jumper to try to land on someone we didn't like.