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Bachmann Goes on Meet the Press

Filed By Bil Browning | August 15, 2011 10:00 AM | comments

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Tags: anti-gay politicians, David Gregory, Meet the View, Michele Bachmann, rightwing nut jobs

There's a reason why the GOP candidates try to avoid news shows like Meet the Press instead of FOX News' fluffy feel-good Q&As. Watch as David Gregory pointedly asks Michelle Bachmann about her views on the LGBT community; he rips her to pieces as she tries to dodge and weave and avoid answering any of his questions.

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Laurie Edwards | August 15, 2011 10:12 AM

This woman doesn't even try to dodge and weave; she doesn't go for subtle avoidance. She's right in your face, refusing to give straight answers to direct questions. What does seem obvious, however--and not just because of her 2004 speech--is that she believes LGBT persons to be living emotionally and morally incorrect, lesser lives than heterosexuals do. Rep. Bachmann would legislate (or, as president, executive order) us out of existence. She can never be elected, so she's not dangerous, but she's sure a bitch.

She won't make it out of the primaries if that's how she talks to the media. I'm surprised her handlers let her answer questions at all, seeing as how she doesn't take questions from reporters approaching her at events. She's worse than Sarah Palin on this issue.

She says that no one cares about these issues right now, but wants to reinstate DADT and bring back the constitutional amendment fight of 2004. She is wrong, wrong, wrong, and I hope she talks to more media as time goes by and lets her words speak for themselves. I appreciate David Gregory pushing, especially there at the end.

california panda | August 15, 2011 3:58 PM

You can't reason with a bigot or a zealot. But you can show them for what they truly are. If she does get votes it will be from people who continue to believe as she does -- and truth be dam-ed.

Yes, David Gregory really went out of his way to back her into a corner -- and good for him! I loved the way he got her to say, "These are not the issues that people are concerned about right now" and then he immediately cited her statement that "opposition to same-sex marriage is the defining political debate in this country." Since he had already mentioned that quote once at the beginning of the clip, she might have foreseen that Gregory had all his ammunition at hand to make her look foolish ... but no.

And, though Gregory didn't get to this point (probably simply due to time), it is clear that any issue that is important enough to suggest a constitutional amendment is also important enough for a presidential candidate to be questioned about, regardless of the political winds of the moment. Hey, that's pretty obvious!