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Black LGBT Bloggers, Come On Out!

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BloggingTyping.jpgBlack LGBT bloggers are making waves in blogosphere. I truly enjoy reading about what's happening in the ATL or how individuals are making history. But it seems we are few and far between. There are probably a handful of us that are regular reads for the LGBT community, and I would like to change that. I would like to see more Black LGBT bloggers out there on the web.

There are so many things we can do for the Black LGBT community. For example:

  • We can motivate readers to confront the Black church on its homophobia
  • Encourage our young people to be fighters for equal rights
  • Provide an outlet for other Black LGBT people to feel heard and loved
  • Challenge the stereotypes that beset our community
  • We have the opportunity to be a powerful force in the overall LGBT movement. Hopefully, more and more Black LGBT bloggers will join us, tell the world our stories, and help in the struggle for equality.

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Thanks, Viktor and you're right. I see too much of the GLBTQ blogosphere dominated by a white male's perspective. It's tired and has become a complete echo chamber with all of the major blogs feeding off each other. Perhaps you could do a companion post, listing some of your favorite ones?

Personally, two of my favorites are Black Men's Gay Blog ( and, for those of you looking for something a little more salty - and definitely NSFW - there's Lenair Xavier's blog (

Here are some of my favorites blogs of color Living Out Loud with Darian, Rod 2.0, Trans Griot, RENWL, Son of Baldwin, BGAlife blog, Drama Dupree, ka-os theory, Bama Boi Blues, Toddy english

Hey Viktor - great piece and admirable sentiments.

However, a small correction: My blog, ka-os|theory, is not a "blog of color". ka-os|theory tries to include the global GBLT family of every background and ethnicity. A lot of the blogs you mentioned are strictly by and for African-Americans, and deliberately exclude others.

This actually sounds like something I could organize. Here in the central valley of California being black and gay at least for me is rather lonely. Any tips, guidance or direction for starting such a blog?

Hi Donte,

I think if you starting talking about your personal experiences, it will give people an insight on who you are as gay Black man. Also give your opinions about politics or the LGBT movement. Provide examples of how you feel the community is growing or ignoring other issues you believe to be important. And talk about things you are passionate about. Many readers stay with you when they know you are serious and truthful in your convictions. I hope this helps, if you need more, please let me know.


I personally find this article a bit offensive. It's because of the big false claim of:

"...But it seems we are few and far between. There are probably a handful of us that are regular reads for the LGBT community..."

This posting shows that you have fallen prey to the idea that White male-dominated gay media at large puts out there. That idea being that Blacks don't care. The truth is MANY of us do. HOWEVER gay media at large won't cover us caring. I even address this issue and other wrongs amongst the LGBT community in a poetry series entitled "CHALLENGER". I sent emails with links to the poem and accompanying video(s) to gay media outlets like Out and The Advocate with NO RESPONSE. NO COVERAGE to show a Black man taking a creative way to address the things that are hurting the LGBT community from within.

And the reason so few know about it is because as MOC Blogger pointed out to you how I AM out there, I am pointing out how there are many others that you nor I know about who are showing their intellect, AND are showing our concern for the not just the Black LGBT community, but the LGBT community as a whole. BUT the fact is the White male-dominated gay media AS A WHOLE doesn't want you know it, and this post seems to show that you've fallen prey to that concept. For it has led you to direct your "call to arms" to the wrong people. You need to direct it to the staff at magazines like The Advocate or Out Magazine.

We need togetherness, NOT more separatism.

Hi LeNair,

Sorry you took this post this way. But the intent of this post was motivate more Black LGBT bloggers to continue blogging and to provide a variety of viewpoints to our community.

I am fully aware of the intent of your post. And that's the problem. You are more about your blackness and not enough about HUMANITY.
If that was about more about humanity, then this post would have been about how Black bloggers are all too often overlooked as a face of intellect and concern for the ENTIRE LGBT community. Telling Black bloggers to speak ONLY to Blacks is keeping the separatism alive in the LGBT community. Hence why I REFUSE.


I don't know who you are. I don't know if you're black or white or a zebra. BUT HOW DARE YOU. HOW DARE YOU.

If you're a black man whatever ISSUES you may have surrounding that doesn't give you the right to attack Viktor for endorsing black LGBT bloggers and the black LGBT community to make themselves more visible in the quest for equality in America.

To find issue with ANYTHING Viktor said reveals you to be beyond problematic. There was nothing separatist, racist, exclusive or closed to anyone in this post.

You are very disturbing.



You ask, how dare I? How dare I speak the truth? Because the fact is this:

If I am to define myself by the community that I live in, I may be a Black man, but I have no desire to define myself as a "Black voice for JUST the Black gay community". I don't live in a Black gay world. I live in THIS ONE WORLD. And it is too big a world to make my blogging speak to JUST Blacks. We are no more defective an ethnicity than any other on this planet, but asking me to separate my speech makes it seem as if we are just that defective. So for you and anyone else to limit your dialogue just to Blacks is you all limiting yourselves. And I have GREAT DISDAIN for such limitation. Therefore, I desire and strive to live as 1 of the many VARIETY of voices in ONE gay community. The problem is that there is little variety in the gay community at this present day.

So if you want to make a change worth acknowledging....Think BIG!!!! Stop thinking small.

LeNair, please. If you read my blog you will see I don't just speak to Black people. I speak to everyone. And I really don't get your point at all. I am encouraging Black LGBT Bloggers. I asking them to join the overall fight for equality! Tell me what in the Hell is wrong with that? I don't know if you read this wrong or you are seeing blue when it's obviously green. But to be honest, you are not making sense.

You just don't get it. I don't think you have one iota of what has been happening out there in the blogosphere. I don't think you even realize just how hungry all of the LGBT community is to read black voices on blogs addressing equality issues from the experience and perspective of those who are black. It just flies over your head. That's so clear to me.

What you don't understand is when Toni Morrison sits down to write a book, when James Baldwin sat down to the the same, these are and were black people drenched in powerful black identity. And able to create a perspective so unique, profound and alive that they became invaluable for it. Oh yes dear, they're writing for black people. And ultimately in that quest they're writing for everyone. Cause that's who ends up clamoring to read it.

The same for our music. Stevie Wonder doesn't have an exclusive black audience. But you damn sure know it's black music. Music that everyone loves. His audience in his creation of his music is aimed at black people.

That's what you don't get in Viktor's call. That's what you tragically misunderstand.

I have a blog. I don't talk primarily about issues relating to equality as a black person. I talk about issues relating to equality from my mind. It happens to be a proud culturally embracing black mind. A mind that will write without hesitation the issues of race and white privilege in the LGBT community. Or about poverty, religious issues, homophobia or other issues we face as black lgbt.

I write about the fact that mainstream equality orgs have yet to coalesce with community organizations to build capacity between gays and communities of color. And the fact that living in the black community in Los Angeles I never saw one funky flyer or so much as a robo-call from the No On 8 folks as black Los Angeles was blanketed with flyers, canvassing and phone calls for Yes On 8. Yet and still the first thing white gays did was blame black voters for No On 8's failure.

But I bet an It's A Small World kinda fella like you wouldn't know to share with your people. Because they need to know that as they are confronted with the race-based remarks aimed at blacks from ignorant white gays who knew nothing about the scenario in Los Angeles. And that's just one thing. There's a plethora of information and postings OUR PEOPLE need to be kept up to date about. And anybody else is more than welcome to take advantage of that information as well since it being blogs, is available to the public.

No you got it all wrong--------way wrong. You don't even have a clue. There's just really no point in having an exchange with you other than to tell you just how clueless you are.

And as Viktor suggested you need to read his blog and all the blogs he has listed thus far. I looked at yours. And not even trying to be catty but I was not impressed. I can go to any porn blog and look at a bunch of naked folks. So what you're serving up actually is not even in the realm of LGBT politics or equality issues. You dabble. But that's about as far as it seems you get from the little time I permitted myself to look at ya shit.

You're out of line. Bottom line.

Okay, I'm not a separatist and I'm not seeing your point here. However you are entitled to your opinion.

Don't really know what has LeNair's knickers in a twist, so I'll leave his comments alone.

Seems to be a worthwhile endeavor. Will do anything I can do to help.

I don't see why "you people" (hey, white boy is joking!) need to fight with each other. There is plenty of cyberspace available for Black bloggers who target only other Blacks, and Black bloggers who want to target everyone regardless of race. It doesn't have to be all one or all the other.

IMHO, there is a need for both. Please everyone, just chill out, and do what your heart tells you to do.

P.S. Viktor, I do hope you would include that Black bloggers can educate Blacks, queer and straight, about HIV/AIDS and keep Blacks up to date on the latest. There is an urgent need for this.

Now, don't bother telling me to fuck off -- cuz that's exactly what I'm gonna do anyway.

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When I said "there is an urgent need" I was not criticizing, or even referring to, the effort that Black bloggers are already doing ... I was referring to the recent CDC stats.

And what are your suggestions about how caring white people can help the Black community deal with its HIV/AIDS problem? Tell me that and I'll let you have the last word.

Chitown Kev | August 14, 2011 9:38 PM

OK Derrick, I agree with you that black blogs (both gay and straight) are more than adequate sources for HIV/AIDS information.

But obviously no one is reading the information or (as some of the comments and a few of "The Root" posts would indicate) they come wholesale with a condemnation of homosexuality, gay people, and people still seem to have the impression that it's a white gay male disease. And that's in spite of the statistics and in spite of the latest information that is being posted by black bloggers (gay and straight).

Let me be clear about why I even mentioned HIV/AIDS info on Black blogs.

Viktor posted in the main post, above:

There are so many things we can do for the Black LGBT community. For example:

• We can motivate readers to confront the Black church on its homophobia
• Encourage our young people to be fighters for equal rights
• Provide an outlet for other Black LGBT people to feel heard and loved
• Challenge the stereotypes that beset our community.

Viktor did not mention HIV/AIDS info targeted specifically for a Black audience, and I felt that that was a significant oversight. Period.

I did not intend to be making any statement, good or bad, about whether the Black blogs were currently addressing this need. I simply thought it ought to be included in Viktor's list of important things that Black LGBT blogs can do. Period.

Actually, I regret that Derrick's tirade got TOS'd, I wish people could read it just so they can follow this thread better. And to be honest, I hardly flinched when Derrick claimed I was a racist just because I am not an expert on the content of the Black blogosphere. That is so patently ridiculous, I didn't feel like it even needed to be addressed.

Chitown Kev | August 15, 2011 5:45 PM

Well, A.J.

I'm divided about this.

If we're talking about targeted specifically for a black gay (male) audience, then I'm cool with it.

Sometimes, I could give a shit what black straight people do.

All the statistics and warnings are out there on the predominately black blogs (read of course, by both straights and gays).

I don't know if having more black LGBTs in a mostly straight space (and there are a few already there) will help solve that or if that would even be welcomed.

Pamela Spaulding is a respected blogger who does contribute a great deal to the entire LGBT community, black and white and latina and...
You don't see eye to eye with her on some issues, fine. But this endless tirade of yours against her does the LGBT community as a whole no good. Worse, you seem to get a pass on your endless attacks upon her.


Are you white? Please don't tell me what I can and cannot say about Pam Spaulding white woman. Awwight?

You have your opinion of her. I have mine. Best leave it at that. And I will say what I want when I want and how often I want.

You ain't runnin' shit. Got it?

I'm calling colorist horsecrap.

And you know damn well I'm black, Derrick. I'm also white, and I'm also red, and I'm all three of those things at the same time.

And I know colorism a damn site better than you do when I see it, and you are quite full of it.

Your distaste for Pam can be readily spoken without resorting to the idiocy of colorism.

Unless you are a punk, of course.

Then let me step in here and say this clearly:

"You aint running shit" either. I am.

So either engage in a civil discussion without having to resort to racist terms, saying people aren't allowed to comment on various aspects due to the color of their skin, or hiding behind your keyboard to attack people and call them names like a 5 year old.

Grow up or get out.

Techincally I am a Latina, Derrick, though I fail to see how race affects the truth of whether or not your behaviour towards woman bloggers in gerneral and Ms Spaulding in particular is unbecoming, bochinchero.

Let me try to bring some clarity. The issues of Black people, whether gay or straight is always one of racism, whether from gay or straight whites.
Too often black gays want to make it the black church, (as though they aren't in the church) Black gay men have gone to the top of the ranks within the black church. It's not really the black church that is the black gay person's REAL problem beyond those haters that are in the church. And we know that there are haters no matter where you go. The black church is an easy scapegoat because of the homophobia of some. (As tho there is no homophobia within the white church)

But can the black gay man/woman get along outside of the black gay community? Will they come across RACISM within the white gay community? Does he/she have to be somebody's boy/girlfriend to reach those higher echelons? Even in the movie/television industry, I see out white gays in power. With jobs and careers. I barely see any black gays. So to blame the black church is a weak copout, because the true test of power in not in the black church, but in the greater society.

So black gay bloggers need to speak to black homophobia yes, not to the supposed failings of the black church, where they have been since the beginning. But the greater struggle is for black gays to be powerful within the white gay community. After all, white gays have used the black civil rights strategy as a platform to reach their heights within the greater white society. And they have carved out some very powerful niches for themselves. It seem they owe black gays a slice of power pie.

So why don't black gay bloggers talk about those issues? I find that black gay bloggers that I've come across seem reticent to ruffle the feathers of the white gay establishment, where gay blacks lack any representation. But they will follow the lead of white gays who bash the black church, where black gays have always had a seat at the table. SMH....

Oh, and check out Kenyon Farrow's website&blog
and check me out at Anna Renee Is Still Talking

Chitown Kev | August 14, 2011 9:46 PM

Anna Renee, the true test of power within the black community is with "the black church," period.

Now the power of the black church in the wider society, that's a different discussion.

The extent to which some black churches seem to be propped up by powerful white churches IS an issue of racism as well.

Now if black gays have a seat at those tables (and I don't doubt it) then it would seem that we have to hold ourselves accountable.

Addressing the racism of the larger society and the bigoty within the black community itself is not an either/or thing and I resent attempts by either faction [white gays or blacks (gay or straight)] to minimize the impact of the bigotry coming from both sides.

If people would take their eyes off of the black megachurches and wannabe megachurches, then they'd see the true black church using its power to fight for the black community.

While bigotry is hateful and ugly, bigots in the church have not been able to keep black gays from reaching the highest levels. But white racists have and continue to oppress black gays, and is what keeps you from having jobs, houses, etc. So tho you feel that it's the same, I know that it isn't, and including the black church is an excuse to get more political traction in the media.
Because white gays who are racist aren't listening to the plight of black gays. They are deaf and blind, selectively so, which has nothing to do with their being gay. And most black gays won't admit that.

It's easier to jump on the black church, though it's moot because as i said, gays have all the power that the black church affords.

Which black gay organization is going to call out those REAL culprits, white racist who happen to be gay? Check out Kenyon Farrow's blog.

The "true black church" has had decreasing influence since the end of the civil rights movement for a myraid of reasons and the black gays that are in leading positions in the black church have paid a price for it...

Some...maybe even most white gays are not paying attention to black gays but then again neither are many (if not most) black straights. Especially if they are churchified.

And it's the black community generally, and specifically the black church, where as a black man, there is the unwritten social contract that the black community/church is the place that I can come to escape from the racism of the wider society.

But not if I don't adhere to the DADT protocols of the black churchs.

At least from white people (gay or straight) I was taught never to expect much.

"""all the power that the church afford...""" spare me that bullshit.

Anna, you pay too much attention to established black gay mouthpieces for the black gay community. They're very careful. And they have an agenda just like their white gay counterparts.

I'm not going to endorse my blog. But I do suggest you take a look at Viktor's list of blogs before you start saying black GLBT bloggers aren't talking about the things you stated.

And the black church is a huge culprit no matter what you say.

I follow jermaine wright on he writes about his life with hiv and being a single bisexual father.

Chitown Kev | August 15, 2011 2:46 PM

Derrick, of course you can agree or disagree with the political opinions of anyone, and vehemently so.

When the disagreements get personal, than I really do mind. It really undercuts whatever point you are attempting to establish.

No need to get personal with Pam Spaulding or anyone else. and...yeah, you do have a habit of that. Thing is, you and I agree and disagree about quite a bit and it doesn't get personal, although it can get rather passionate. The passionate part, I do like (frankly, passionate argument is a trait I admire about Dan Savage).

Chitown Kev | August 15, 2011 2:49 PM

This comment waas meant for Derrick mathis, of course