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Christine O'Donnell Walks Off Interview Over Gay Questions

Filed By Bil Browning | August 18, 2011 11:00 AM | comments

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Tags: Christine O'Donnell, I'm not a witch, LGBT rights, Piers Morgan

Christine "I'm not a witch!" O'Donnell walked off an interview with Piers Morgan last night when the host began asking her questions about her views on gay issues. O'Donnell kept saying that Morgan was being rude and she was there to talk about her book. O'Donnell talks about gay rights in her book.

Well, thank God. There's finally been an episode of Piers Morgan that's worth watching. I was never a big fan of that doddering old coot, but he was ten times more entertaining than Morgan's empty suit.

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Typical TP bull pucky. Not a single one of them seems to realize that an interviewer's job is not to be a substitute Press Agent but to ask a range of questions on a variety of relevant topics. Can you imagine the outcry from the Tea Party if a Democrat attempted to not answer questions in this manner?

um... anyone got the time? I think its 17 minutes past STFU for O'Donnell.

Piers knows how to be rude when he wants to be -- and he was remarkably gentlemanly in this instance.

O'Donnell was an idiot to make such a big thing of it. Even if she didn't want to talk about that subject, once she realized her interviewer was not going to back down, she should have answered the question(s) as briefly as she could and then allowed the interview to move on. She's not very media-saavy, is she?

Of course, Morgan was totally within his prerogative to ask about any issue that an author voluntarily includes in her book. Even one sentence is enough to open that door.