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Indiana Anti-Gay Lawmaker Offers Teen Boy $80 for Sex

Filed By Bil Browning | August 12, 2011 9:30 AM | comments

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When I keep telling readers the Indiana's largest problem with their lack of LGBT right legislation is the large percentage of conservatives who are hiding their own sexual peccadilloes by using our community as a scapegoat for their own religious shame, I know what I'm talking about. Earlier this year I put out a call for information that would expose some of these hypocrites who voted anti-gay but had their own sexual skeletons in the closet.

While I exposed state representative Jud McMillin's tortured past earlier in early March, including sending unwanted photos of the himself masturbating with his balls tied to an office chair leg to a domestic abuse victim he was supposed to be representing as a deputy prosecutor, several juicy tips came in that just weren't verifiable enough for me to feel comfortable printing the story.

One of the most frequently e-mailed subjects was Republican representative Phil Hinkle. While none of my correspondents IN-Rep-Phil-Hinkle.jpgcould provide any actual proof, three different men told me they had met Rep Hinkle for sex in an Indianapolis hotel room. All three were able to describe Rep Hinkle's penis in detail and all three descriptions matched, but it just dint' seem like enough for me to print the allegations.

Now the Indianapolis Star has been given the smoking gun. In a story running this morning, the Star has seen proof that the long-serving legislator offered a teenage boy $80 for sex after finding the young man on Craigslist and they've printed the salacious details.

More after the break.

Emails shared with The Indianapolis Star suggest that state Rep. Phillip Hinkle -- responding to a local posting on Craigslist -- offered a young man $80 plus tip to spend time with him Saturday night at the JW Marriott hotel.

The emails, sent from Hinkle's publicly listed personal address, ask the young man for "a couple hours of your time tonight" and offer him cash up front, with a tip of up to $50 or $60 "for a really good time."

The email exchange is in response to the Craigslist posting in which the young man -- who lists his age as 20 in the ad but says he is 18 years old -- says, "I need a sugga daddy."

What follows is a series of e-mails between the young man and Hinkle offering cash for sex. The teen, Kameryn Gibson, insists the two did not have sex; he says after picking him up and driving him back to the hotel, Hinkle told him he was a state lawmaker and the teen backed out of the deal. When he told Hinkle he wanted to go home, the legislator exposed himself to Gibson and refused to let him leave.

After Gibson called his sister for help, she came to the hotel room and started yelling at Hinkle and causing a scene. Hinkle offered the duo hush money, his iPad and his Blackberry to stay quiet. Taking the legislators Blackberry, the two left the hotel.

Shortly after they left, the phone started ringing and Gibson's sister answered.

Megan Gibson said that on the drive back, she began receiving a series of calls on the BlackBerry, including one from a woman who said she was Hinkle's wife.

"I was like, 'Your husband is gay,' " Megan said. "And then she was like, 'You have the wrong person.' "

Megan read her the email address: phinkle46

The line went silent.

"Just for a couple seconds," Megan Gibson said, "and the first thing she said was, 'Please don't call the police.' "
Megan Gibson said she then began receiving a series of calls from various family members -- including from Hinkle's son-in-law, demanding that his wife see proof of the emails.

Megan Gibson dropped off her brother then returned to the JW Marriott, where she showed Hinkle's daughter the emails.

Megan Gibson said on her way back, she received another call from Hinkle's wife.

"The first thing she said, she was like, 'OK, we will give you $10,000 not to say anything,' " said Megan Gibson, who said she was now becoming scared. "I was like, 'OK,' and I hung up the phone."

She soon got another call -- from the Marriott hotel. It was Hinkle. Megan Gibson told Hinkle that she had informed his wife and family that he was gay.

Megan Gibson said Hinkle's response was: "You just ruined me."

Somewhere in the Hoosier state, Republican state senators Ron Alting and Brent Waltz are shaking in their boots. I've personally spoken to the man Sen Alting has had a longtime affair with while his wife dies of cancer and I've often challenged flamboyant Sen Waltz to answer some basic questions about his extremely close relationship with an older man who many say was Waltz's sugar daddy.

Indiana has no openly gay state legislators and provides no legal rights for LGBT people. Hinkle, McMillin, Alting, and Waltz all recently voted to pass a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage and civil unions.

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Hmmm, it feels as if Kameryn and Megan have "adjusted" the story to their own benefit, but we can discard that because the basics of the account are sufficiently condemnatory.

Also, here in New York, I have two acquaintances who work part time on They get $200 plus tip. $80 in Indiana is a bargain. Airfare? $150. Hotel? $150. Catching a Republican homophobe? Priceless!

Indiana Gov. Daniels calls it a family tragedy.

House Speaker Bosma: expresses disappointment

Thanks for posting this, Bil! I rarely read the Star (though somtimes Tully has some good stuff), so I wouldn't have seen this otherwise.

A couple of things I found interesting: First, they didn't set up the article for comments. I don't know if this was in a section of the paper where they typically don't do comments, or not. I do know when I've gone to their site to look at coverage and comments of Pride, marriage equality, and such, they *have* had comments open, and boy, they get a lot! And of course mostly rabidly anti-gay, and anti-progressive.

They did set up a FB site for comments, though. And funny thing is, those kind of plp who usually respond to coverage of gay-related topics, don't seem to be showing up so much. Of course, maybe it's b/c it is on FB, and they can't be anonymous. Or perhaps they don't have FB accounts; most of the anti-gay, anti-minority, anti-goverment, anti-progressive comments on various topics seem to be written by ppl who sound too illiterate to use a computer. Maybe they have that nice lady down at their county library to help them? I dunno. Either way, the whole thing is pretty funny. I so love to see hypocrites get exposed.

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | August 12, 2011 4:13 PM

I know that the Hinkle episode will likely cause a number of folks in our community to engage their favorite fantasy that any public official who "protesteth too much" concerning "family values" issues just has to be a closet case. (In the interests of full disclosure I confess to flirting with that proposition on more than one occasion, but now wear a hair shirt when the temptation mounts.)

But clearly there is another kind of closet operating here: It's the closet that (mostly) GOP Indiana lawmakers who say privately they believe in fairness for LGBT folks, that they have LGBT sons, daughters, close friends, etc., and that they just wish they didn't have to be faced with having to take a stand or vote on things like constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage (or anything remotely close). But they say they "just have to", because they fear the power and money of right-wing organizations like Advance America, the Indiana Family Institute, and the Indiana branch of the American Family Association. So publicly they act like sheep. And some pretty spineless sheep at that.

Those folks who claim to be the progressive wing of the GOP need to stop having it both ways, and call these people out. They need to go down to the Indiana Statehouse, identify themselves clearly as members of their party, and hold up signs telling their closeted legislators to grow a pair. (Sorry for the sexism here....Father Tony.....suggest some penance.)

Annette Gross Annette Gross | August 12, 2011 5:53 PM

I agree with Don. I also can't stand to think of all the people these hypocrites are hurting because they are so self-loathing. But something else comes to mind. I in no way am saying what Hinkle did was right. But I wonder if a lot of this is because society as a whole has condemned homosexuality. Hinkle is 64 years old. Back then, it wasn't easy to come out. Many men got married and had children because it was expected of them. Now they're older and of course they can't get rid of their "natural tendencies." Hopefully, once society accepts all people, things like this won't happen anymore. On the other side of the coin, I am extremely angry at Hinkle and others like him who get on their soap-boxes to espouse "family values" and vote against same-sex marriage. It's one thing to be in the closet - it's another to hurt an entire group of people.

Well Annette, not all 64 yr olds are self-loathing hypocrites, just maybe a lot of white republican fundi christian men. I'm 66, got a divorce and came out 30 years ago, as did many of my LGBT friends. We've all lived terrific, fulfilled lives, full of love from family & a full & satisfying love life. We've gone to college, raised children, built homes, & held down responsible professional jobs for our entire professional lives. We refused to allow the christian church to villify us while we were praying in church, so we walked out, never went back and pray together. The church's loss, not ours. What Rep. Hinkle & his ilk lack is integrity and courage. Not to acknowledge loving the most wonderful woman I've ever met is true shame and something I just couldn't do. How sad for the Hinkle's of this world. They actually believed the fundie crap and look how it ruined their lives.

Well, another Republican hypocrite exposed again. I have no sympathy for these folks. They are self-haters and unfortunately hurt others. I hope we expose them all.

Om Kalthoum | August 12, 2011 9:22 PM

phinkle46 Trolling for that thrilling illicit sex using your real name? Stupid is as stupid does, I guess.

And, yeah, it does sound like the duo might be shakedown artists, if amateurish ones. The dopey sister even admits in the news article to saying "okay" to an offer of $10K to keep quiet.

Bil: Good reporting and observations, as usual. While I'm also glad to see the Star covering such issues, I don't understand why Mary Beth Schneider [late story: ] has not asked you or LGBT leaders from the different Indiana organizations for comment. It reminds me of some of the early gay films in which what was important was how it affected the straight people, not individuals in the LGBT community--or even the gay character. You're providing appropriate (though ghettoed) balance.

With 3 gay teens committing suicide in 2010, for there not to be a larger conversation about this in Indiana--is shocking. Thankfully 5,000+ people responded to the Star story via Facebook, and it is the Star's No. 1 story, for now.

We need to seriously address whether or not the answer, in Indiana, for LGBT youth is: "No it doesn't get better, here." Those of us in the LGBT community need to seriously begin thinking whether or not the best advice to parents of LGBT kids is: for the safety of your child, leave Indiana. We might, at least, begin to issue annual reports on the state of the life. This is not only a "family" tragedy for an anti-gay State Representative, or an embarrassment to a Indiana Republican party hell-bent on making political points on the backs of the LGBT community in Indiana. It's about the kind of choices available to LGBT Hoosiers.

To take a Swiftian perspective [e.g., Jonathan's Swift "A Modest Proposal"]: who can honestly say, given the way things are, in Indiana, today, that Representative Hinkle's "mistake" was getting caught. The Hoosier Closet is a blight on the State of Indiana.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | August 14, 2011 1:16 AM

Poor, poor christer-Republican closet cases. They just can't seem to keep their hands to themselves.

What is this, the 20th or the 21st major scandal.