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Luke Evans: Is the Hollywood Closet Back?

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lukeevans-musketeers.jpgLuke Evans is possibly The Next Big Thing in Hollywood. He's starring in the upcoming The Three Musketeers as Aramis, he was in Clash of the Titans as Apollo, he's in The Hobbit, and he plays Zeus in The Immortals. He's set to be quite the action star. And possibly the first out and proud action star. Except he's not as out as he used to be.

Back years ago, when he was primarily doing theater, he was very out. He even spoke to The Advocate about being an out actor when he was cast in Boy George's Taboo:

Well it was something I'd spoken to a lot of people about, including my boyfriend at the time - we've broken up now - but at the time when I just got Taboo, I knew that even though my part was a straight character, everybody knew me as a gay man and, in my life in London, I never tried to hide it. I knew I was going to have to do interviews with gay magazines, so I thought, 'Well, I'm going to have to be open'. It's who I am. And if people don't like it, then I don't want their jobs.

Speaking to GaydarNation about his play Hardcore, set in the world of British gay porn, he said:

I'm comfortable with who I am and I love porn. I live in a society that isn't as shockable as it used to be, so bring on the blatant sexual pieces! I bought my first film when I was 15. Now I have a good collection and I add to it regularly. I research almost every night.

He even told QX Magazine he'd never experienced any backlash for being openly gay:

I did it for myself. I didn't do it for anything else--just my own self worth. I wasn't happy living a lie as I'd been living a lie for the majority of my life, so performing in Taboo was a good time to come out, and it hasn't bothered my career at all.

Those were the indie days. Now he's carrying big Hollywood tent pole films. And about the time he was cast in the bigger films, suddenly he was linked romantically with PR agent Holly Goodchild.

AfterElton.com did some digging, and came up with caches of his Wikipedia page naming him as openly gay, but had disappeared, along with any references to his personal life. So they reached out to his management for a statement about his personal life, which he'd never had any trouble talking about in the past. Luke's team responded:

I do not comment on my client's personal lives in the media. As for Luke, he did so once, a long time ago when he was an inexperienced, young actor and now with maturity and hindsight, he has learned not to engage the press in his personal life again.

Which is a shame. Because PR people comment on their client's personal lives all the time, and so do stars, including this star, especially when it was smaller roles that needed publicity. Now, history seems edited.

In Luke's defense, he himself hasn't said anything since this hit the media. AfterElton.com asked for a interview and was denied by the same management team that issued the statement. But at least he's not personally changing his story. And how cool would it be to have a gay, or bisexual action star?

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Dan Massey | August 9, 2011 1:54 PM

Excuse me, but when was the "Hollywood Closet" ever gone? Seems like it's not so much "back" as "movie business as usual." Sure we have friends in the Hollywood community of people who make movies (and even TV) but "Hollywood" is just as insanely homophobic as ever as a business. Ditto for the Holy Institutions of the American Republic.