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My First Gay Role Model

Filed By Viktor Kerney | August 26, 2011 1:30 PM | comments

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LamarRevengeoftheNerds.jpegKids today are very fortunate when it comes to gays in the media and television. From Rachel Maddow to True Blood's Layfette, LGBT people can be found in many venues. However, back in the day, to see a gay person anywhere on TV was a miracle. The only gays I saw were Snagglepuss and Michael Biehn from the film The Fan. I wasn't even sure if gay people really existed - until I saw The Revenge of the Nerds on HBO. That's when I was introduced to Lamar, my first gay role model.

Why Lamar? Well:

  • He was always honest to himself - Lamar was out of the closet and living by his own rules.
  • He was smart. To be a "nerd" he had to be above average and his GPA had to be very high.
  • He had friends who accepted him for who he was. They were comfortable with him and vice versa. Hell, he even had a "friend" come to the first Tri-Lamb frat party.

Although he was a true gay stereotype, he was all I had at the time, and it was enough. If he could go to college, get high grades, join a frat, and have such amazing friends, I thought the chances of me having those very same things were more than possible.

Thank you, Lamar, for actually giving me a future to look forward to.

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Paige Listerud | August 27, 2011 6:51 PM

I think it's always good to look back on the first cultural figures that helped you to feel good about yourself and not so alone. Thanks for this, Viktor.