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New Study: Bullying Directly Affects High Achieving Blacks And Latinos

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bully_free_zone.jpgDuring the American Sociological Association's annual meeting, researchers Lisa M. Williams and Anthony Peguero provided stunning information about the effects of bullying on high-achieving Black and Latino high school students.

According to the study, these students suffered from lower GPAs during their sophomore to senior years. Although the decrease is small, the effects are very noticeable.

Huffington Post reports:

While the overall decrease in GPA for bullied students over the studied period was 0.049 points (on a GPA scale with 0 being the lowest and 4 being the highest), black students saw a 0.3-point decrease in 12th grade GPA from a 3.5 GPA in 9th grade -- before they were bullied. Worse, high achieving Latinos who were bullied experienced a 0.5-point drop in GPA from a 3.5 their freshman year. Carrying the same control variables, bullied white students only saw a 0.03-point drop in GPA.

"Stereotypes about black and Latino youth suggest that they perform poorly in school," study co-author Lisa M. Williams said in a statement. "High achieving black and Latinos who do not conform to these stereotypes may be especially vulnerable to the effect bullying has on grades."

Low-achieving black and Latino students proved to respond less academically to bullying, yielding under 0.1-point decrease in GPA over the period, whereas low-achieving white students responded more with over a 0.1-point drop.

All Asian students, whether high- or low-achieving, experienced a 0.3-point decrease in GPA after being bullied in 10th grade.

Williams and Peguero used previous data from the Educational Longitudinal Study of 2002. I am very curious to know how many of these students are LGBT or if the bullying included anti-LGBT language.


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