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Ricky Perry Tries to Defend Abstinence Education (Badly)

Filed By Bil Browning | August 18, 2011 7:00 AM | comments

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Tags: abstinence education, bad interviews, Katie Couric, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Texas

Watch as Texas Governor and GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry tries to defend his state's abstinence-only education program. It's like watching Sarah Palin face Katie Couric; it's that bad.

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Typical of the ignorant sheep on the far right. Never question, never think for yourself, never acknowledge the facts even when they are beating you in the face like a brick. Just stand firmly in your ignorance and bark your dogma and delusions... meanwhile, those of us higher on the food chain see you for the tyrannical fool you are. If Dubya-Dipsh_t is the "smart one"... Oh, please, by all the Gods - NEVER AGAIN!!!

OMG, What a complete Idiot...This is who some people want for POTUS? Boggles my mind! No wonder, with this kind of crap...that (fill in the blank)

Kitten used to pull at your heartstrings? Yes...It is working! look at that cute little mouser!:-)

There is only one valid way to defend abstinence-only education: Admit balls-out that it is the only approach to sex education that conservative voters will tolerate, then admit that the politician in question does not wish to piss them off by suggesting anything different.

Any other response is either a dodge, an equivocation, or a balls-out lie. Even when they claim that's what the Bible teaches, it isn't -- then why did Abraham hump Haggar?

Good grief, Charlie Brown! This country cannot afford ANOTHER dumb Texas governor in The White House.