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The Top 10 Most Democratic & Republican States

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What states do you think are the most heavily Republican or Democratic? You might be surprised. For example, Texas doesn't make the list of most Republican states and the most Democratic state isn't really a state at all (it's our nation's capital.)

The results - as ranked by Gallup - are after the break.

The Top 10 Most Heavily Democratic States

  1. District of Columbia (DC also has the largest per capita population of LGBT people.)
  2. Hawaii
  3. Maryland
  4. Connecticut
  5. New York
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Vermont
  8. Rhode Island
  9. Illinois
  10. Delaware

Notice that every single one of the Democratic states enjoys considerable LGBT equality. All ten states have some sort of relationship recognition for gay and lesbian couples - a full half have marriage equality (marked in bold).

The Top 10 Most Heavily Republican States

  1. Utah
  2. Idaho
  3. Wyoming
  4. Alaska
  5. North Dakota
  6. Kansas
  7. Nebraska
  8. Alabama
  9. Montana
  10. South Carolina

Lo and behold, not one of the top Republican states has any relationship recognition. In fact, you could almost read this as a who's who list of the most anti-LGBT states in the union. These states have few, if any, pro-LGBT laws on the books. Hell, until 2003 when the Supreme Court struck down sodomy laws in Lawrence v. Texas, half of these states (in bold) were still actively enforcing their sodomy laws and out of these, not one has repealed the sodomy law since the Lawrence decision.

You can also have a peek at all of the presidential candidates and their stances on LGBT issues on Adam's post from earlier this week. Fred Karger, a Republican and out gay man, is an extreme outlier in his 100% support for LGBT equality.

(Hat tip to David Mixner)

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nitpick: DC is not a state.

It is, however, worth noting, since it holds the halls of power.

Another nitpick: Jerame has already pointed this out.

Oh yeah, Delaware, the only state in the country to actually specifically exclude transgender people from protection under the law. That's what you call "equality", Jer? Then I guess we have very different definitions of what that word means. Other states like New York and Mass where gays are fully protected but transpeople have no rights at all don't have anything approaching real equality either, but don't let that stop you...

There's no such thing as "considerable equality". You either have equality or you do not. These states most certainly do not and it does us all a disservice to try to pretend that they do.