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Who's Sorry Now?

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When some guesthouses in our little resort town have no room left at the inn, instead of hanging a tasteful "No Vacancy" sign, sorry.jpgthey hang a "Sorry" sign. Sometimes the 'sorry' is in quotation marks.

Are they not really sorry? Are they being ironic? What is the translation for this hospitality term of art? "Sorry you thought you were going to step off the ferry, roll your dear little bag up to our door and get a room." "Sorry you thought we would be keeping the light on for you. "Yeah right - you with your three night stay and parking needs."

Perhaps I'm a little sensitive since being downgraded. And they can say 'downgraded' all they want but personally I feel degraded like some shoddy product. That S&P thing was like one big 'he's-just-not-that-into-you.' And just when I thought I was done with shame.

We're in a sorry state of affairs. There's a big embossed 'sorry' sign hung out over the Congressional Inn. It's in quotes. "Sorry you thought we were going to do anything about the environment, education, the poor, healthcare." "Sorry you thought we weren't in it for the money and power." "Sorry you thought those Boehner tears were real."

Now we who naively hoped that our country was on a different path two years ago, could just bow our heads and hang a 'sorry' sign off our neck and get back to Jersey Shore reruns. Or we could circle George Bush's Crawford/Dallas spreads and demand he stand trial for war crimes. We could march on Bank of America. We could volunteer at a Planned Parenthood Clinic. We could work for the re-election of those NY Senators who stood for marriage equality, or the re-election of President Obama, even when he's being too sorry.

All over the world, people are rising up, risking their lives, fighting back. What's your plan to give the right-wing Christo-fascists something to cry about? What's your plan to kick some sorry ass? Let's make them sorry they were ever re-born.

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One trend I have noticed - the pronunciation of the word that sometimes means "a big mistake" or "a turgid male organ" is now pronounced "Bay-ner."

The problem is vastly worse than simple christo-fascism, though that is repulsive enough. The root of substantially all social evil is the forcible repression of perfectly natural, and even inspired, expressions of sexual orientation and gender identity. We are determined to remove from the foundations of human thought all ignorant dichotomous concepts of sex and gender. We work to undermine falsity in institutions of society--religious, governmental, and economic--by showing people the fallacies in their everyday assumptions of how the world works.

Basically, this means offering a new spiritual vision that is transparently superior to all current religions of humanity; offering a rational explanation of our being and our relationship to the universe that transcends the confusions of both religion and incomplete science; and freeing the human spirit from the false legacy of human theologies, philosophies, and mythologies, liberating the individual into a new age of joyful erotic mystical union.

We foresee the rapid onset of a future in which androgyny is recognized as the most complete maturation of the human personality and, with appropriate supplementary technology, the human body. This trend will of course be opposed by conservative elements; however, in the final analysis everyone is, in some sense, Transgender.

We can bring about a New Age in which the obsolete elites will wish they had never been born. It is time for the meek to claim their inheritance.

I'd like to spend my time fighting discrimination from the right, but I was disheartened to learn this week that there is a cunning subculture of hate on the left (the so-called "radical feminists") who write things about transgender people on their blogs that would make conservatives blush. The news that we have opponents on the left as well as the right is pretty daunting.

Fighting discrimination on two fronts is also time consuming. A member of this subculture filed a document this week with the U.N. misrepresenting American transgender law. Consequently, instead of spending the weekend on LGBT campaign issues, I have to spend the weekend constructing a response (though I have little hope that it will be read or accepted).

Wilberforce1 | August 12, 2011 4:00 PM

Ms. Kate,
You are a silly woman, and in a good way. But you've asked a serious question, so here's my take.
I don't see much hope working through the available channels. The far gay right and far gay left seem to be infiltrated by right wing agents. The former are hopeless, and the latter are busy as usual slamming our freinds, enemies, and the Universe at large. It's the old left pathology of trashing everything in order to excuse us of the responsiblity of lifting a finger to help.
Meanwhile, establishment groups are busy as usual feathering their own nests.
The general public - gay, straight, or undecided - are so full of hatred and selfishness, and so easily manipulated by commercial media, that it's no use trying to reason with them. As that southern comic said, 'you can't fix stupid.'
So I'm in service mode, doing a smidge of charity work and planting trees to slow global warming. I can't think of anything else.