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Canadian Paper Runs Anti-Trans Advertisement

Filed By Bil Browning | September 29, 2011 3:00 PM | comments

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Can you imagine finding an ad like this showing up in a major American newspaper? Sadly, I can. After all, when so many of them allow people like Tony Perkins to write op-eds that are just patently offensive and untrue, it's not a big leap to start printing anti-trans advertisements like these. Quite honestly, with California gearing up for the fight over the FAIR Education Act, how long do you think it'll be before the religious right starts trying to copy the campaign in California newspapers?


The Advertising Manager of the National Post has already issued a statement saying he would be investigating how the ad got into the paper. The propaganda violates Canada's Code of Advertising Standards.

Twitter users immediately started raising holy hell over the ad, but one in particular got a little creative with the campaign. Their version of the ad is after the break.

Sep29spoof ad.jpg

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The National Post is Canada's version of the Washington Times... so, duh, I don't think it's too hard to know how that ad got in the paper.

And yes, getting conservative parents' panties in a knot over their precious kiddies being exposed to trans people will always work. I fully expect to see it used in upcoming Republicon presidential ads too.

That's one of Charles McVety`s projects, "Institute for Canadian Values." He also runs Canada Christian College, co-operates Canada Family Action Coalition and a host of other things, drawing money from Hagee ministries, and at one time from Focus / Dobson. He's the televangelist with a bogus doctorate who cried censorship after a Christian TV station pulled his show,, from their lineup, following a reprimand from a broadcast organization.

During C-389's passage, media was lapping up every bathroom panic quote he could give them, under the pretext of providing "the other side of the story," while often not even getting trans peoples' side at all. The next fight is going to be interesting. As in, sticking-your-tongue-in-a-blender-while-someone-drops-textbooks-on-your-skull interesting.

Right now, there are major fights happening over curricula and Gay-Straight Alliances in Toronto, Vancouver and coming up in Edmonton. He's also using the issue to drum up support for a far-right contender in the Ontario provincial election.

Those wacky Canadians!

The propaganda violates Canada's Code of Advertising Standards.

I hope that Code is just the typical industry boilerplate that similar businesses get together and endorse as best practice. With no force of law, of course. But with Canada, you never know.

I prefer our idea of bad speech being countered by good or better speech. Let the best ideas win.

"I'm a three-year-old; i luuuuv ice cream. Don't confuse me by teaching me about other types of food.?

Sun Media is now signalboosting McVety's campaign without critique ( -- halfway in), and McVety apparently has a TV ad waiting in the wings.

Best comment so far: "...Canadians imitating American scum." So true.

So far, 2 thumbs up, 98 thumbs down for this great work of intellectual rigor. Keep voting!

In a way I agree that these things shouldn't be taught in school just like I don't believe religion should be taught in school. When it comes to the issue of gender identity disorder I think the gay community should be the last place to claim to represent us. It has done way to much damage already with the Transgender crap. I am working hard in my State to make sure that our textbooks do not contain the false message that all Transsexuals are Transgender or part of the gay community. I believe you will see the California Department of Education sued if they make the mistake of allowing it in their Textbooks.

The National Post published an apology: They even say they'll be donating the payment for the ad to an LGBT cause.

Maybe this is also my opportunity to say something that's been on my mind a lot lately.

Separatism--I get it: The interests of the queer letters are sometimes at odds with one another. Within t, transsexuals are in effect the sex they've transitioned to, and think it's damaging to their interests to be understood in terms of the cross-gender behavior of transvestites, with whom they share only a superficial and misleading resemblance.

Okay, that's cool. But I'm not into that, myself.

My official classification within the letters is t. T for transsexual, not for transgender or transvestite. But please think of me as "f". That's a big lispy F for faggot. I am a faggot. A good old fashioned faggot.

I don't want to be a letter first, or a sub-group within a letter first--above all, I am a person, a fag second, and a letter last. If I'm ever on here advocating anything that remotely resembles separatism, you'll know someone's hijacked my account.

I hope you are a faggot, too.

Is the top ad for real? If so, I wonder if that little girl has any idea what her picture was being taken/used for.