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Christian School Gives Lesbian the Boot

Filed By Bil Browning | September 19, 2011 1:00 PM | comments

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LGBT-affirming Christians always have such a hard time convincing our community that their god is a loving savior thanks to jackasses like the headmaster of The Master's School, a K-12 Christian school in masters-school.jpgWest Simsbury, Connecticut. After questioning several girls about their sexual orientation, the school gave senior honor student Rachel Aviles the boot after she said she is a lesbian.

Legally, private schools -- secular and otherwise --- have more leeway as to whom to accept within their ranks. The school's meadmaster, Jon Holley, said he wouldn't discuss Aviles because of privacy concerns, but Aviles' former coach, Heather Lodovico, said when she withdrew, Aviles sent her coach a text message.

"She texted me and said something like 'They kicked me out,' and I made a joke, 'What, are you pregnant?' and she said, 'No, worse. I'm gay,'" said Lodovico.

The coach said she immediately got on the phone to see if the decision could be reversed, but no.

"She's a fantastic kid," said Lodovico. "My reaction was: 'Wow. Your God's really small.' Whether it's a sin or not, take that out of the picture, and this is still wrong. I think God's up there shaking His head going, 'Really? Really?'"

Ironically, the school's motto "Veritas Vos Liberabit" translates into "The truth shall set you free." Indeed.

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Ummm, and guess who gets kicked out next?

(Hint: rhymes with 'La Vida Loco' NOT 'Jolly'.

With policies like that, shouldn't their motto be "Arbeit Macht Frei"?
Though, technically, their motto is true:
The Truth (about your sexual orientation) will set you free (from this school)

The part that is glossed over here is the fact that the UNDER AGE MINOR CHILD was taken in to the headmasters office and questioned about thier sexuality without parental consent or notification.

Think about that for a moment.

The fail here?
1. 'Christians' beleive that GLBT types can change and yet here they don't even draw a breath before kicking the child out of school.
2. The headmaster asking such intimate questions of a minor without parental consent, permission or having them present is HIGHLY questionable to me. What was his next question? "wanna do it on the headmasters desk?"
3. The parents should have been given a refund for the school year. The child didn't attend the entire year and really the parents should be refunded those monies.

It's also interesting how he is citing privacy concerns now, although he had no problem outing her to the whole school

"The Master's School cannot be all things to all people. Critical thinking skills are taught within the context of a Christian worldview at all levels of the school."
How come the Methodists, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Old Catholics, MCC'ers, and Unitarians never get any imput on what constitutes a "Christian Worldview?"
Why is a "Christian Worldview" always synonomyous with rigid, anti-intellectual, reactionary bigotry?
These haters are just cheap imitations of the Vatican that they loathe.

"Critical thinking skills are taught within the context of a Christian worldview"

This is beyond ironic. Don't critical thinking skills involve questioning things instead of just internalizing them without examination? Perhaps I learned it wrong...

california panda | September 19, 2011 8:25 PM

Until LGBT affirming Christians rein in their "dogs" they will have no believability or credibility. Those who see injustice in their own ranks and do nothing are as guilty as those who act unjustly.

What amazes me is that these so called 'Christians' keep ignoring the fundamental teachings of christ and focus on selected parts of Leviticus for justification of their bigotry,

I mean Christ said among other things:(I paraphrase) Judge not lest you be judged. Worry not about the mote in anothers eye but the beam in your own. Only faith can redeem sin and all sins are forgivable except blasphemy against the holy spirit and that any sin is sufficient to condemn you (that is all sins are equal),etc...

So in so many ways this so called ';christian; is acting in direct contravention of GODs law.

Not to mention, as I have so many times, that there is not one verse in the entire Bible that unambiguously condemns female homosexuality. The Christian prejudice toward lesbians is totally a man-designed non-Biblical extension of the Bible's supposed statements about male homosexuality.

Fundamentalist Christians love their to-the-letter legalistic interpretations -- except when something they want written isn't written there at all, in which case they invent it out of thin air.

(Some Pentecostal sects claim that any drinking of alcohol is sinful, even though it is clear that Jesus himself drank wine, even turned water into wine so that others might continue drinking, and instructed others to do so in the ritual of communion. Go figure.)

I wouldn't have known about this story if I hadn't seen this Bilerico post. I just read through some other articles on the Internet to learn more. It seems that Rachel is a pretty remarkable kid with a really good head on her shoulders. I'm so impressed with how she handled the whole thing. I didn't know what else to do, so I left an appreciative message for her on a thread that she had written a comment on. I hope she sees it.