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Copenhagen Classical Flash Mob

Filed By Bil Browning | September 08, 2011 11:00 AM | comments

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Tags: classical music, Copenhagen, flashmob, symphony orchestra

It's not often you see a flash mob by a symphony orchestra. But, really... Who brings a harp to a flash mob?

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Thanks for that posting. That is so wonderful, smile-inducing, joy-inspiring!

And after it was over, they just turned and headed for the exits. I am left wondering how the performers brought that harp and the timpani in in an unobtrusive manner.

Thanks Bil, this left me with a smile and the desire to take a train trip.

More smiles from me. One of my favorite orchestral pieces. Yeah, how did they tote the harp in? Major omission.

never mind "who brings a harp to a flash mob"... who the hell brings TIMPANI!

great stunt.
wish it had been the "full" version of the piece, instead of an abridged one, but hey, it's a flash mob... errr... symphony.

Well, something I can sort of explain here, having been a musician from 6th grade until 1st junior year in college. I studied harp for 4 semesters in college and they are not really all that heavy, just akward to carry. They do (did) make wheel stands that you can strap to the bottom of a harp to help move it, but can't remember if you can do that and still have it be playable. Can't tell from the vid if one is there or not.
The timpani, if I remember correctly from high school, have wheels to help make them easier to move around. Seeing as this is (seems to be) a proffesional orchestra, I am sure that extra hands (roadies) could have been there to help move stuff. They probably had cases/vehicles waiting outside.
Still, this is one of the freaking coolest things I have seen in a while. Wish groups here in the states would pull this off. Maybe with a Wagner Ring cycle flash mob? Flash Opera. That would certainly get peoples attention.
(Not thrilled that they used Ravel's Bolero, as it normally really gets on my nerves, but it didn't annoy me as much as it has before. Maybe the shorter length is easier for me to deal with?)
{I am also an avid fan of Heavy Metal, so take my dislike comment with a grain of salt, as most metal could be construed as a copy of Ravel's Bolero, only much faster and with distortion.}
[Snicker] [Eyeroll]

I missed this one. I went through central station on my way to work about 10 minutes before they started. Have seen the staff in Copenhagen airport getting together to sing. Was interesting to see.

A few years back I saw similar in Vienna, when some students from the music school set up in the street and gave a free concert. It was beautiful. Nothing like a Vienna concert while eating my Italian ice cream.

In Amsterdam the same thing happens occassionally in the summer. It used to be the same in Krakow but not as much now, although incredible music when it happens.

Every summer there are free classical concerts in Amersterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna, Brno, Prague, Budapest, Belgrade, Krakow, Poznan and Munich given by students and local orchestra's.

Goto Euorpe, wonder about, you will see them.

Thanks, Bil. What a great way to start my morning!