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FOX News Anchor Decimates Anti-Trans Shrink

Filed By Bil Browning | September 15, 2011 1:00 PM | comments

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Three cheers for FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly!

FOX contributor Dr. Ablow has made a splash lately for warning parents not to let their kids watch Chaz Bono on Dancing with the Stars and it seems most of the media and psychiatric circles are having none of it.

Watch as even the FOX News anchor rips Dr. Ablow to shreds on live TV. Best take away quote? "How many kids turned gay from watching Will & Grace, Doctor?"

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Wow ... I'm honestly shocked to see Megan Kelly standing up for tolerance. I hope she stays like that!

Perhaps her experiences being forced to defend maternity leave from some of her compatriots has made her a bit less tolerant of their crap?

Brava for Megan! ... But I fear that if she keeps this type of thing up, her days at FOX News might be numbered, depending upon the viewer response.

(Not that a better network wouldn't snatch her up immediately, or else a heated bidding war ensue the moment her availability becomes known ... either way, resulting in a substantial increase over her FOX News salary.)

You go, girl!

When I saw her maternity leave clip, I did a double-take, especially since I also saw a clip at the same time taken several months earlier, in which she was hewing to the FOX line on issues like that. Perhaps motherhood has given her time to ponder - and clearly, she seems to have turned somewhat of a new leaf. Brava!

I'm not. The reason is, Megyn Kelly has a transsexual in her extended family. I know because this person is a good friend of mine.

That explains it. Good for her, then. :)

I'm glad Megyn took her stand. She was right. It's really about hate.

It really was a surprise hearing Megyn taking a stand on this. As an aging M2F myself I have to admit that I sometimes find myself watching over my shoulder worried about running into a hateful person or, worse yet, a group of hateful people. Between the right wing politicos and the general anti-LGBT folks, life is becoming a little difficult in the real world.

Oh great! Certainly, let the APA be our guide. Oh wonderful, it's a disorder . . . Fox TV, Fox News, Dancing with the Stars . . . the way, the truth, the light . . . just because Ablow will make anyone look better than he does doesn't mean this is progress . . . Ruppert Murdoch just bought Wireless Generation, you know. 360 million to get into what he says is a 500 billion dollar market. Imagine the effect that will have on our youth. More progress. I wonder if he has anyone over at Newscorp hacking into Chaz' phone for some juicy information to put up on Access Hollywood?

Edith, Strunk and White called, they said you're using up all the ellipses and should save some for everyone else.

sassy . . .

uh,oh . . . whoops. There I go again :)

Edith ... and everyone ... let me know if you ... or any of your friends ... need a good supplier for ellipses. ...

I'm the largest distributor in the Midwest.

Well, A J . . . that certainly is news you can use . . . Howsbout happy faces . . .

Maybe all people should not watch Dr. Ablow. Anybody at any age, who is questioning their gender expression, could be thrown into a tailspin by the good doctor's remarks.

Megyn Kelly has a personal interest in this. She has a niece and nephews with a trans parent. She's more tolerant than you think. The trans parent is a good friend of mine and leads a private life. Her other stances aside, I'm proud Megyn takes the correct stand. Please note, she still misgendered Chaz at the beginning of the story.

You are a F%#@&%g idiot Dr Ablow! You think I actually 'choose' to feel the way I do. I only choose to react to my feelings. I'm sorry, but these people are absolutely stupid!

I guess we'll have to keep our kids away from the Animal Planet network, too, because they'll want to transition into monkeys or lizards. Or what about the Cooking Channel? We don't want our kids turning into fine souffles, or tomatoes. And, what the hell are we letting them watch the History Channel for? Evil!

Don't be silly, Fox News watchers don't let their kids watch any of those godless educational channels. ;3

Here's Ablow's further douchebaggery about Chaz, sick trans people and SRS on today's Fox blog. He extensively quotes Paul McHugh (one of his 'mentor's' at Johns Hopkins). Maybe it's time for Tufts Medical Center to relieve Dr. Ablow of his uninformed services as a non-tenured instructor at that institution?

The "tragic celebration of transgender surgery."

FACT: 41% of untreated trans people have attempted suicide. (source: 2010 National Transgender Discrimination Survey Report on Health and Health Care)

FACT: Suicide rates DROP in post-operative trans people

A 1992 study by Pfafflin and Junge reported only 16 possible suicide deaths among over 2000 cases: 14 in MFs, one in an FM, and one with gender not specified. Five of the 16 may have been accidental medication or drug overdoses rather than genuine suicides. In the remaining 11 cases, suicide was usually not thought to be related to gender problems per se. These results suggest that post- transition, suicidal tendencies probably get no worse, and may actually improve.

Rehman et al (1999) studied 47 MF patients operated by the same surgeon between 1980 and 1994, of whom 28 returned questionnaires. All 28 reported themselves satisfied with their reassignment and surgical outcome, and none expressed regrets.

A 1990 review by Green and Fleming, which considered only studies performed after 1980 revealed 87% of MF respondents reported satisfactory results and 97% of FM reported satisfactory results from their reassignment surgery.

If a child watches Chaz and does contemplate "maybe I'm not a tomboy, maybe I'm just a boy" than we owe Chaz an enormous debt of gratitude, because if that child IS Transsexual, then maybe they won't become part of the 41% statistic. Maybe they'll see that it's OKAY to be who feel you are inside, and hopefully get the help they need. And if they find out they are NOT Transsexual, that's also a good thing. What this moron Ablow completely fails to mention is that considering that you might be Transsexual does not *make* you Transsexual. It's not something you're going to "kindle" because it's NOT A BEHAVIOR. It's a CONDITION, a SERIOUS condition that requires medical treatment. No matter how "tomboyish" she may be, you can no more force a girl to become a boy, than you can force her to become a horse. But if she's a BOY who was born with a girl's anatomy, then you can help her to correct this incongruence.

Bottom line Ablow... you're either born Trans or you're not, and you've either realized it, or you haven't. Period. The one incontrovertible fact is that the younger a Trans person is treated, the better they will cope with their condition, and the less likely it will be that they will try to kill themselves. There is no argument that can possibly be presented that will negate this fact, so whatever the hell it is that you're advocating, all it does is result in unnecessary death. That, sir, makes you a monster.