Ed Kennedy

Free Flexor Makes Shake Weight Look Perfectly Innocent

Filed By Ed Kennedy | September 30, 2011 8:00 AM | comments

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Tags: Shake Weight, workout

Remember how naughty everyone looked using the Shake Weight? Well, the Free Flexor aims to make that look perfectly innocent.

We all thought the Shake Weight was the as close to simulating masturbation as workout equipment could get, but that was before the Free Flexor come on the market. And they're not even trying to pretend that it isn't sexual with the language in the commercial. The question is, will it make my body look like those guys, because if it will, I have $39.99 available.

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Combined with the obvious sexual nature of the product with the fact that there's no buffed females in the video, I have to ask... is this being directed at gay men?

I guess there's still a sucker, er, gullible person, born every minute. I can guarantee those beautiful bodies didn't get that way from whipping that thing-a-magig back and forth.

Also, anyone who does free weights knows that you control those weights; you don't jiggle 'em all over the place.

Clearly, I'm not in the target audience for this product.