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Rev Lou Sheldon's Pathetic Press Conference

Filed By Bil Browning | September 27, 2011 10:30 AM | comments

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The Reverend Lou Sheldon held a press conference yesterday to release new polling results that he claimed showed "California voters are Rev-Lou-Sheldon.jpgoverwhelmingly against the newly-signed Senate Bill 48" - FAIR Education Act. Sheldon has been one the main proponents of the effort to repeal the law in his role of leader of the hate group Traditional Values Coalition.

Poor Sheldon didn't have much luck with his presser. Why? First, the Orange County Registrar of Voters Office wouldn't let him hold his press conference inside their building and he had to stand in the parking lot to give his presentation. Second, no one showed up except three staffers from the Courage Campaign.

With such low attendance, Courage staff got a front-row seat for this press conference and even got to ask a few follow-up questions before he abruptly ended his presentation. He struggled to stay on message, often times contradicted himself and seemed to suggest that his biggest problem with the Fair Education Act was that it doesn't allow negative portrayals of the LGBT community.

You can watch the video after the break.

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Karen suggests that "mainstream Christians" need to be more vocal in response to the bigots and haters who've hijacked Jesus for their anti-Gay crusades. And while I agree with the sentiment and would echo her call for people of faith to call out the beasts of bigotry in their midst, sometimes "silence is golden." With spokes-folks like Lou Sheldon, the Obama heckler, and the Prop 8 pseudo-plaintiffs, no one needs to say a word. Just play the tapes and watch them heap coals upon their own heads. I'm tempted to send T.V.C. a contribution just to keep
Lou and his "a-Christian agenda" on the air. I'm not sure we could buy more effective displays of fundamentalisms vapid and empty lunacy. "Pathetic" is right.

Pastor Scott