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Special Election Puts Marriage Equality at Risk in Iowa

Filed By Joe Mirabella | September 19, 2011 5:00 PM | comments

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Iowa's equal marriage for gays and lesbians is in serious jeopardy. A special election scheduled for November 8 could Joe Mirabella and Joe Brokken at the American Gothic House in Eldon, Iowahand Iowa's Senate to the Republicans, which would pave the way for a constitutional amendment to be passed through Iowa's legislature.

Mike Gronstal, Iowa's Senate Majority Leader, and the reason marriage amendments have not passed through the legislature yet, sent out the following alarming email Monday:

Late last week, a member of the Iowa Senate Democrats retired early and there will be a special election in Linn County on November 8th of this year which will decide whether Democrats keep the Majority in the Iowa State Senate.

In 2010, Republicans took the Governor's mansion and the Majority in the Iowa House. Democrats still have the Majority in the Iowa Senate, but only by 1 seat. If this Special Election in Linn County is won by Republicans, Democrats will lose control of the Iowa Senate and the entire government of Iowa will be steered by the right-wing agenda of Tea Party Republicans.

Troy Price, One Iowa's Executive Director also sounded the alarm bells, "This is it. We are facing a special election and marriage equality hangs in the balance. Senator Swati Dandekar is resigning to take a job in the Branstad Administration, and her seat in the Iowa State Senate will be filled by a special election in the coming weeks. The pro-equality majority is at stake.

So what does this mean? If we lose the seat, we face a very real chance that a marriage ban will pass a vote in the Senate. In Iowa, marriage has never been threatened like this before." [emphasis added]

You can bet NOM is going to be all over this. In previously contested elections in Iowa they spent tens of thousands more than our side. We won, but only because we turned out the vote and volunteered like crazy.

If you want to preserve marriage in America's heartland, there has never been a more important moment than this to step-up and contribute your time and money.

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california panda | September 19, 2011 8:28 PM

If people are stupid enough to vote for bigotry over tolerance they will get the government (and the laws) they deserve.