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31 Days: The Krustyest Place on Earth

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The backstory behind this photo is after the break.


I'm doing a series of posts for 31 days that will feature a photo from my personal collections and the backstory behind the picture. I'm trying to stick with shots that have not appeared on the site before. I'm using the stories as a writing exercise to help me prepare for writing a book. You can find the rest of the series posts here:

I'm a big Simpsons fan. It's not a Comic Book Guy-style fandom where I know every last scene of every episode, but I'll admit to watching every episode at least once except for the last couple of seasons when life has been so hectic. I still haven't caught them all.

That's happened before too. I'll go a year or so without catching the show on primetime but I'll watch them as re-runs or buy the DVD set. September will start their 23rd season after all, so I'm not too concerned about four or five missed episodes.

I'm a late Simpsons bloomer though. Until 1995, I hadn't watched more than 2 or 3 episodes over the show's then six year run. Once I'd met Chad though, everything changed.

I can't remember how we met. Maybe we worked together or met through a co-worker but no matter how we came together, we were fast friends soon after. He was straight and had one of the biggest dogs I've ever seen.

We'd hang out together at his place all the time. He had a huge VHS collection of movies and TV shows he'd recorded and the pièce de résistance was the dozens of tapes of Simpsons episodes. We'd smoke pot, play with the dog, and watch show after show after show.

Soon I was borrowing other tapes to take home and watch. When all the tapes ran out, we moved on to doing other things together but I was hooked on the Simpsons. Sadly, once I moved out of town we stopped communicating as much and things slowly trickled off.

I buy or am given all sorts of Simpson's related trinkets and doodads. Several birthday and Christmas presents have included a Simpsons box set. For the first ten years of our relationship, Jerame's mom gave me something Simpsons-related even if it was just a small token. I'll admit sometimes I go a little far.

Our little holiday village Christmas decoration isn't the usual Hallmark town; we have a faithful reproduction of Springfield - from the nuclear plant and Lard Lad to Flander's house and Burns' mansion. The only thing missing is the tire fire. We also have an extremely large set of unique Simpsons Christmas tree ornaments and a multiple car Christmas train.

I have Simpson's chess (2 kinds!), Simpsons Clue, a trivia game, and Simpsons monopoly. At one point, I had big Homer Simpson slippers that Jerame mom gave me along with a giant clear plastic donut with confetti and glitter inside. You plugged it into a wall and it lit up and circulated the pretty "sprinkles."

When Jerame and I went to Los Angeles we spent a day at Universal Studios with two friends. The first ride I wanted to get on was the Simpson's amusement. It was my favorite too; the animation was good, the ride was exciting, and the tie-ins were well done.

I'd go back 23 times. I already have.

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