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Who The Bleep Did She Marry? Maybe She Already Knew

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“Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?” is a favorite in our house. And last night we watched the Dina Matos-Jim McGreevey story.

I know that they can only fit so much into the format of a 30 minute show, but...

Well, the show left out something about the McGreevey marriage -- the three-ways with the driver, before he became governor.


A former aide to James E. McGreevey said today that he had three-way sexual trysts with the former governor and his wife before he took office, challenging Dina Matos McGreevey’s assertion that she was naive about her husband’s sexual exploits.

The aide, Theodore Pedersen, said he and the couple even had a nickname for the weekly romps, from 1999 to 2001, that typically began with dinner at T.G.I. Fri day’s and ended with a threesome at McGreevey’s condo in Woodbridge.

They called them “Friday Night Specials,” according to Pedersen.

Pedersen described the encounters during an interview with The Star-Ledger. He said he wanted to refute the innocent image that Matos McGreevey has projected – both during the couple’s ongoing divorce battle and in interviews she gave after New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigned last week in a sex scandal. He said he was also incensed by her portrayal of herself as an unsuspecting wife in her book: “Silent Partner: A Memoir of My Marriage.”

The former gov. confirmed the “Friday Night Specials.”

Both former New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey and his one-time driver insist that they engaged in three-way sex with McGreevey’s wife, Dina Matos McGreevey, who is in the midst of a nasty divorce from from the now openly gay ex-governer.

...In his statement, McGreevey said he and Matos McGreevey need to move forward for the sake of their 6-year-old daughter.

“This happened, this happened in the past, and now we need to move on with our lives,” McGreevey, 50, said without being specific, according to the AP.

The Star-Ledger reported that Pedersen said he had sex only with Matos McGreevey, not the former governor, and was not sure if the former governor is or was gay.

Now, far be it from me to take Matos inventory -- because I’ve never been in that position -- but if Pedersen’s story is true, I understand why he didn’t know if his boss way gay. But how is it that Matos didn’t? As I understand it, when straight guys think “three-way” they usually think of themselves with two women. (And they usually think of both women being focused on them.) There’s no other guy in the picture. No straight guy I know met wants to be in such close proximity to another guy’s erect penis.

She, of course, denied it. Even if both men had sex with Matos, and not with each other, it only reinforces the old idea about “MFM” three-ways: that the women is just there to reassure one or both men that they’re straight or at least “not gay,” and having sex with her is the closest they come to having sex with each other. Now, if all three have sex with each other, that’s something else.

But the strict rules for this one suggest that that latter scenario is close to what was really going on. In which case, how could you not know, unless you wanted not to know. If all of this actually happened in the first place.

And anyway, there’s something else that bothered me more about this particular episode of the show. In every other show the spouse who turned out not to be what he or she seemed is a criminal of some sort: con artists, bank robbers, embezzlers, spies, snipers, and serial killers.

How does a spouse who just turns out to be gay belong in the same category as these guys?

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