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Anti-Gay Minister Killed in Uganda

Filed By Bil Browning | October 31, 2011 1:00 PM | comments

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Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin reports that anti-gay minister Leo Gozich has been killed in an auto accident in Uganda. Gozich led the opposition to a non-discrimination ordinance in Phoenix and was in the African nation on a speaking tour promoting "traditional marriage."

Since every tragedy has to have a message from God in it according to these yahoos, what's the message being sent to homophobic preachers tacitly approving the murder of LGBT people?

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Typically, the anti gay love to see themselves as victims. Especially of gay people.
There is an article up at:
Regarding a 17 year old Coptic Christian boy beaten to death by Muslim students for refusing to remove the crucifix around his neck. In the middle East.
Now, at least in America, such incidents are EXTREMELY rare or not at all a trend against Christians, certainly no gay person or mob of them have been responsible for such violence of this kind.

But sometimes the comment threads are rife with victim/persecution complexes among the anti gay.
But there are several very important and fundamental differences here:
1. Christian prosthyletizing for their religion. A very unique aspect compared to all the others. And a long and bloody and cruel history of committing human rights abuses against the unwilling to convert or adhere to Christian interpretation of Biblical law.
2. In our modern times, especially in America: one's religious belief is still a free CHOICE to make. Our government has evolved and still must to not commit their power to coerce those to live by the religious choice of others.
To use their own logic they force on us: it's Christians that got this boy killed because he didn't choose to keep his religious adherence to himself.

3. A gay person is still in as much or more threat of violence in Muslim countries in which they've had no choice living in because they are citizens of that culture.

4. Equivocating that risk with any in America towards Christians, as in other countries, insults those truly at terrible risk overall, even in America. That would be gay people, and women. NOT those of a specific religious group as much. And even more specifically NOT Christians, nor those associated with them.

5. Despite continued hypocritical assertions from Christians: one's sexual orientation cannot be changed, or indoctrinated, force or coerced the way religious belief can be. Homosexuality is a part of ALL of mankind's sexual variance, and hasn't evolved or changed in statistical or social commiseration with the times. Homosexuality pre dates how religious communities arranged themselves. But nearly each and every religious community has serious roots in misogyny and anti contraception. Homosexuality isn't a belief system or ideology (as the religious also assert), that was created to challenge religion. But religion was created to challenge the fluid nature of gender.

Some Christians make it impossible to empathize or love their beliefs along with them, when such essential truths are not discussed, let alone acknowledged and respected for the reality it is and moving ON from there.
My heart goes out to anyone who faces violence and lack of freedom because of religious principles.
And in remarking on this terrible attack, rather that take this moment as one to empathize with gay people who have never tried to use their orientation as a means of converting anyone to homosexuality or as an instrument of discrimination against anyone, this teaching opportunity is lost again in the determination to exploit a real victim of religious violence instead.
And shame on them for it.

Inevitably the anti gay will ALWAYS be hypocritical, contradictory, inaccurate, and outright irrational when it comes to comparisons and equivocation. ALWAYS.

Another one bites the dust. One less anti-gay minister. I wonder if he has shaken hands with Forrester yet?

I guess now he has the chance to learn whether Jesus really approves of hate vomited in his name. Or maybe not.

Oh well. Obviously, God or Jesus or the Great Pumpkin needed him more now than bigots on this earth did.

You know what I think about this bigot's death? It's a damn good start!

'nough said...

You know what I think about this bigot's death? It's a damn good start!

'nough said...

Sad. Thoughts & love to his wife and family.

(Yes, I know about American evangelists' activity in Uganda.)