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FRC's Tony Perkins' Analysis of Obama at HRC Dinner

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FRC-Obamas-values.jpgIn a new email to supporters, Family Research President Tony Perkins expressed a different perception of what happened when the audience booed a gay soldier serving in Iraq. But it's his analysis of Obama's alleged "complete willingness to circumvent the U.S. Constitution to obtain his goal" of furthering the "homosexual agenda that'll set your hair on fire.

Here's Perkins' spiel:

(Image credit: Family Research Council graphic)

When speaking at a fundraiser for the homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign on Saturday night, President Obama said this of the 2012 election, "[t]his is a contest of values. That's what's at stake here. This is a fundamental debate about who we are as a nation." I couldn't agree more. At the dinner the President sought to chastise a recent Republican debate where he claimed the crowd "booed a soldier." As a young Marine I remember my First Sergeant telling me how he was greeted at the airport on his return to the United States by being spit upon and cursed by anti-war liberals that dominated the college campuses at the time. I strongly condemn any disrespectful behavior toward anyone who has honorably served our nation in uniform. But that is not what occurred at the debate. Anyone who saw the debate could clearly see that the audience was booing not the soldier, but the President's policy to use our military as political pawns to force acceptance of a homosexual lifestyle that is abhorrent to most. It is not conservatives who are spitting in the face of the military, it is the President and his liberal allies who are using our nation's brave men and women to advance their radical social policy agenda.

While the President talked about all that he wanted to do to further the homosexual "agenda," one thing he left out was his complete willingness to circumvent the U.S. Constitution to obtain his goal. Today's Roll Call lists a number of the ways that the Obama administration has ignored the Defense of Marriage Act, despite it being the law of the land. Since taking office, President Obama has ignored the law and allowed certain benefits reserved for married employees to be expanded to include homosexual unmarried couples - all at taxpayer expense. The latest offenses occurred just last week with the Pentagon saying that same-sex "marriages" or ceremonies can be performed on military bases in taxpayer-funded chapels by government employees. In addition, the General Services Administration said it would cover the moving costs for homosexual partners, something they do not allow for heterosexual partners.

The President has a much clearer understanding of what the 2012 election is about than many Republican leaders. It is about values, and whose values will guide our nation into the future. President Obama's values are clear - marriage, life and the Constitution mean little to him in the pursuit of his radical agenda.

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This hotdog ex-Marine sure spends a great deal of time following gay issues. He and his partner in bigotry, Peter Sprigg, must get off doing that. Or maybe they get off with each other, I don't know. Just a thought.