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Look Who's at the OutServe Conference: The CIA

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Some very interesting panels at the OutServe conference at the New York New York hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday. I covered panels on family and partnership benefits and sexual harassment in the military - big surprise was how many men have been victims of rape. I'm on my way to an important panel on transgender service. Will have more on these and other stories when I get home.

Meanwhile, I thought you might want to see this: the CIA is here as a sponsoring organization. They sent five recruiters.


CIA HR Professional Irene Napora behind the CIA-sponsored recruiting table (Photo by Karen Ocamb)

More after the break.

And - not to say that "equality" makes for "strange bedfellows" - but I was delighted to see progressive Raw Story blogger/guru (and fellow Bilerico Project contributor) Mike Rogers joking around with conservative Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director (and Army Reserve Captain) R. Clarke Cooper. If only members of Congress would be as civil and astute to reach across the aisle like these two gay men.


Log Cabin Republicans R/ Clarke Cooper with Raw Story blogger Mike Rogers (Photo by Karen Ocamb)

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Well, the CIA often recruits former military members...and they love Transgender people because the company knows that they can keep a secret as well as the fact that the CIA has a nice handle on the person.
Lets face it, how many Trans people IN the military do you really know of?

how many Trans people IN the military do you really know of?
Quite a few, actually. Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, Brits...

And a tiny handful in the US armed forces. Only two of whom are open - and so subject to dismissal should their CO's change.

Which makes them a bit like civilians in 35 states of the US, where a change in your boss can mean instant dismissal for anyone Trans.

I know rather more who are ex-military of course. One pilot currently flying for a major US airline is something of a legend - in her previous name.

Wheels up, hard stick landing after being hit by a SAM. Everyone said it couldn't be done, including the Flight Manuals and Tech Orders... pilot Capt (redacted) proved 'em wrong on 22 Feb 1991!