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My 'Must-Read' Trans Blogs

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I have begun reading a number of trans-related blogs again, now that the Fall semester has calmed down a bit, looking for interesting voices. I looked through the various blogs, trying to decide which ones to put on my must-read list.

I discarded those railing against everything, who post infrequently, or just copy and paste news items. Here's who I have so far. What blogs do you think I should add to my must-read list?

I should note that I am not entirely enamored of all of the ones on my list, and my guess is that many of you will feel that some of them shouldn't be on the list at all. Which ones do you think should be stricken from the rolls?

Must-read list (in no particular order):

Dented Blue Mercedes: Mercedes Allen posts from her perch in Alberta with quick, precise intellectual strokes.

en|Gender: Helen Boyd, a trans ally, most well-known for her book "My Husband Betty," has a strong feminist voice.

A Gender Variance Who's Who: Zagria brings us short, fascinatingly descriptive biographies of gender-variant people from today and yesteryear.

There From Here: Jennifer Finney Boylan is a popular writer with insightful and comedic gifts, and her writing is always delightful even when it broaches serious topics.

Tranifesto: Matt Kailey is a former social caseworker and now award-winning author, who often writes about perplexing personal issues facing the trans community.

The Transadvocate: A collection of trans bloggers, plainspoken and blunt, sometimes a little angry, but with the merit of often correctly targeting injustices.

A.E. Brain: She's not blogging much at the moment, due to an illness in the family, but she really is a rocket scientist and it shows in her intellectual tours-de-force.

Pretty Queer: A collection of smart, hip voices who know how to turn a phrase engagingly.

Autumn Sandeen on Pam's House Blend: Autumn's controversial, fiery voice can't be ignored.

TransGriot: Monica Roberts is another controversial, fiery voice, and her explicitly trans and Black perspective bars no holds.

Fish Food For Thought: Often personal, this People Magazine celebrity writer has a sharp mind, talking most often about her personal relationships, youth and coming out experiences.

What other blogs should go on the "must-read" list?

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A couple more, among many others, that I check out regularly...

Jillian Page (Trans Talk)

Helen (Bird of Paradox)

Kat Rose (ENDAblog)

Stephanie Stevens

This is so ironic. I was reading about Operation Mockingbird last night. I think the person who ran this blog(below) died last year, may she rest in peace. She gets right to the point, without any name calling, "god building" hagiography, life mimicking art subculture building, mutual adoration support networking, book hawking or any of that.


Intersex Blogspot and Sophia's Cutting Anger were good ones, too. I really like the photos and graphics OII Australia uses but there is a tendency towards trans cowherding and dismissiveness toward transsexualism consistently evident among those who seek to ally with the LGBT.

Some of the bloggers here I find very interesting and informative, usually the ones who write about things that don't affect me in a direct, personal way.

I like Daisy's Dead Air and R I Future. R I Future is a political blog, though. It gets a bit disconcerting when one looks into how many of those Drinking Liberally fundraisers are held in support of Democrats for Education Reform hedge fund manager's list of hot picks. The media business ultimately leads to disillusion if one ever tries to understand it in any depth. It doesn't matter if it's print or electronic.

I would agree, Marja - Questioning Transphobia is another must read.

Jillian of those on your list I would keep Matt and Ms Mock. The rest I find either superfluous, boring, uninteresting or in one case retarded except for Mercedes but she cross posts here so I seldom need to check her site directly.

Fish Food for Thought is a new one to me. Otherwise, I'd agree with all of those (except maybe the first one -- I probably can't have an opinion on that). Pretty Queer is a great new find.

Although it's been quiet lately, I agree with Questioning Transphobia as a must-read, as are Gina's Skip The Makeup and if noting post-transsexual writers on the subject, then Suzan's Women Born Transsexual. That's a bit of a diverse sample, but they're challenging, all.

I'm also impressed with the growing infusion of trans writers in diverse and mainstream blogs (DailyKos, Feministing, Shakesville, etc.). Lots of talent out there.

Thanks for including me among these, and thanks also for being a consistent voice.


Pick me! Pick me!!! I have only recently started Blogging but I have three or four entries.My goal is to be insightful and informative. Forceful and driven in my Advocacy but not caustic, my hope is to build bridges, not drive wedges. ATranscendentExperience@Blogspot.com

Liz, do you mean ATranscendentExperience.Blogspot.com?

What you had listed was an email address.

Hey Jillian! I really appreciate the inclusion of PrettQueer on your list! Especially in spite of the fact that we're superfluous, boring, uninteresting and (possibly) "retarded". =)

Interesting that most of the blog owners/bloggers read or cross post to each other. What a great method of getting together and passing information! How do we develop a proper movement? We have a great method of connection!

Good blogs, but mostly ladies.

I really like Asher Bauer's blog.