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NCTE Exec Director Mara Keisling on FOX News

Filed By Bil Browning | October 31, 2011 10:00 AM | comments

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National Center for Transgender Equality Executive Director Mara Keisling appeared on FOX News yesterday afternoon opposite Peter Spriggs of the Family Research Council to talk about the Colorado Girl Scouts decision to allow a young boy who lives as a girl to join. Local leaders originally turned down the family's request for Bobby to join until state officials intervened.

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Angela Brightfeather | October 31, 2011 1:48 PM

Outside of Mara's "but....." regarding the DSM, I think that she did a great job of explaining things. I understand her hesitation in gathering her thoughts. So often when questioned about the very basic question of being Transgender, those who are in the life and living it, often find the most obvious and fundamental explanation to opposing opinions or statements so far behind in nature that they have to stop, go back in time and think about the suitable answer.

This happens a lot when people simply ask "why are you like this". This question to any transgender person is like Katie Couric asking Sarah Palin what she reads.

But the point made about the FOTF representative needs to be confronted in a bit different way. Mara's answer was what I might call suitably correct. But the fact is that the DSM is being revised and among those revisions is the statement that I hope we will all see in the DSM in the future, which is that under no circumstances does a person's being dignosed as having gender identity disorder, justify any form of discrimination against that person. This is what the FOTF do time and time again. They propose that it is correct to justify discrimination against Transgender people because they are simply diagnosed as being Transgender. Mara correctly turns that around by stating that the DSM also considers other people with migrains, etc. as also having such dissabilities in the DSM. But because of this point, many people do not make that correlation and what should be done in this instance is to make the same statement and then turn to the FOTF person and ask if he would also encourage discrimination against those other instances if people who were diagnosed in the DSM as being depressed, suffering from migrains, etc. Maybe then, we would not have to answer this as much as we have to and it frames FOTF for exactly what they are doing to Transgender people in such a simple way as for the average person to be able to understand it.

The one basic question that never gets asked to these bigots, is why they are so bigoted against Transgender people? I have yet to hear them answer that simple question without making them stop and think for a second. Or why human conditions noted in the DSM, justifies discriminating against them? Almost anything they tried to say would make them look like the bigots they are.

Angela there is no such thing as being diagnosed as Transgender. Transgender is a political group associated with the LGBT and really has nothing to do with gender dysphoria as many people who claim a Transgender identity aren't included in the DSM. Of course now all to conveniently WPATH is mentioning them in its standards of care. Makes me wonder to just what lengths will WPATH go to assist the gay community in promoting the bogus Transgender label.

Lisa can you explain your statement that many people with a transgender identity aren't included in the DSM?

As for bogus transgender label with comparative neurological studies not yet done on bi-gender people, other than the non-op included in one of the studies that found neurological differences in transsexuals there is no way to claim any validity to the hypothesis that crossdressers and genderqueers do not have neurological variation because it can be tested but has not yet been tested. In fact Occams Razor forces us to assume, till the neccessary tests are done to know for sure, that they have mild cases of transsexual neurological variation just as other neurological phenomena such as Autism have degrees. Dr Dick Swaab who has done some of the studies of biological causation of the transsexual phenonenon has been quoted as predicting that all gender diversity will turn out to be genetic in origin.

Even the Injustice At Every Turn study shows shared issues and connections.

With cross-sex neurology differences found in gays and lesbians also it becomes increasingly irrational to dissmiss the likelihood that gays transsexuals non-transsexual transgender and intersex are intrinsicly connected as biological phenomena not to mention the historic and cultural connections (some tens of thousands of years old!) and shared experiences of oppression let alone the obligation of everyone to defend the equal rights of all others if they want to validly claim any rights for themselves.

And whats wrong with WPATH has mentioned them in their standards of care? Would it not be remiss of WPATH to fail to address them in it's standards of care? I'd even argue that it would be irresponsible and unethical for them to fail to address them in the standards of care!

Angela Brightfeather | October 31, 2011 11:04 PM


What a totally useless and empowering statement.
Useless, because it serves no purpose to call Transgender a political movement. People who are actually living as Transgender people are not making a political statement. They are just living their lives as honestly as they feel they must.

Empowering, because I am sure that FOTF love to read comments like yours and use them against us to further discriminate against Transgender people.

It is to bad that you can't gather enough common sense to empower people in a more unifying and positive way.