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P Diddy Apologizes for Anti-Gay Slur

Filed By Bil Browning | October 04, 2011 11:00 AM | comments

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Singer P Diddy recently had an explosive confrontation in an Atlanta nightclub this weekend. The star shouted homophobic and racial slurs at 220px-Sean_Combs_2.jpganother club-goer, Ricky Parker, because Martin was drinking Grey Goose vodka instead of Ciroc vodka, which Diddy is a spokesperson for. Diddy called Parker a "faggot" and "nigger."

Diddy took to Twitter to issue his apology to fans (what celebrity doesn't apologize in 140 characters or less anymore?) and it seems pretty darn sincere.

Diddy explained, "I'm sorry for the ignorant way I repesented [SIC] myself ... I have backslid and regressed. Forgive me for my ignorance. Pray for me pls. I know better and I am better."

He added, "I have a responibility [SIC] that I promise I will live up to. And I'm more dissapointed [SIC] in myself than you know. I will humble myself and learn."

What do you think about this celebrity apology? Sincere or public relations nonsense?

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You know, I have to give him points for really taking the issue as his own and putting the onus on himself entirely to right what happened. It's refreshing in a celebrity culture where no one has to apologize for anything anymore, given an army of fans just as likely to call critics "haters".

It sounds sincere (or as sincere as one can be with this kind of message), but at least he's not trying to shoehorn the blame on anyone else but him. He's not treating it as "not a big deal", not going the "you're too sensitive" route, not using some lame excuse, or subtly trying to excuse himself with a line like it being "furiously unintentional".

He f*cked up and the statement, no matter how serious he is (or isn't), at least owns up to it.

Ummm... P Diddy started shouting epithets at someone for not drinking the right brand of vodka? The brand he shills for?

Wow. He kind of sucks as a human being no matter what epithets he shouted.

I agree that there's no excuse for his reaction or what he said, but I also agree that at least he takes full responsibility, acknowledges why what he said was so bad, and then apologizes for it.

It indicates that he is truly apologetic, though who knows for real. It is refreshing to at least hear the right words.

If that's the way Diddy deals with his homeboys, what must he think of me, a gay, white male who doesn't drink his vodka...or buy his line at Macy's? Just asking...

Gee, what's a role model of Black male hyper-masculinity supposed to do when you have to insult someone's very metaphysical being?

• You can't call him the n-word.
• You can't use the 6-letter f-word.
• You can't call him that 8-letter r-word that means mentally challenged.
• You can't call him that p-word or that c-word that refers to the female genitalia.

Waddaya do? Tell the mofo his mother is ugly and dresses him funny?

I suppose the apology is about as sincere-sounding as a tweet can get -- but Diddy is a marketing genius, and could fake it no matter what he was really feeling. So, without indications to the contrary, we accept the apology and move on. Any other reaction from us would be to brew a tempest in a teapot. Plus, up until now Diddy has been no trouble, at least, on gay issues.

But Diddy ... you've been a Bad Boy.

P.S. Off the record, Diddy, if you want to convince us of the sincerity of your apology, you might donate $1 million or so to a deserving LGBT cause, such as maybe a laundry list of the LGBT community centers around the country, all of which are really struggling in this down economy, and/or a collection of the anti-bullying causes.

Supposedly you can afford this ... and will have about $349 million left.

True character seems to rise to the surface when we think no one will pay any attention to what we say. And the ensuing apologies seem shallow and insincere. And they are forthcoming only when one is called to task. I wonder if Poop Diddy ever apologized to the recipient of his foul mouth's outpourings.

Given how low the bar has been set for public apologies, I'd say he's several notches above. The fact the he self-identified as "ignorant" - which is exactly what one is for using those words - makes me think he's in a less suspicious class.