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Rachel Maddow on Getting Hate Mail

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Rachel Maddow appeared on Ellen to talk about her new documentary and the topic turned to the hate mail Rachel gets regularly. She talks about how most of the e-mails denigrate her appearance in some way and how it's designed to keep women in their place.

I'm always amazed at the sheer amount of hate mail we get at Bilerico Project. The inbox usually includes at least one a day and stuff is regularly left on both the TBP Facebook fan page or my own fan page. You can look at the comments section here too to see unbridled anger directed at authors complete with personal attacks.

After Jerame was announced as the interim Executive Director of National Stonewall Democrats, it took less than 24 hours for him to get his first piece of anti-gay hate mail from an ex-gay proponent.

What's up with people that they feel obligated to lash out with anger and hatred at someone they don't even know? I know it's easier to lash out when you're hiding behind a keyboard and there's no personal connection, but has it come to this?

(Hat tip to Think Progress for the video.)

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twinkie1cat | October 21, 2011 9:00 PM

They lost on slavery. They lost on integration. They even lost on keeping handicapped kids out of regular schools. They lost on abortion. But they are determined not to lose on gay rights. And they are slowly doing just that, losing. Americans seem to need to have someone to feel better than in order to feel good and that is why any positive portrayal of the GLBT community is met with such hatred. And as for the religious objections they also used those to justify slavery. They are angry. They have been able to largely take over American government but not so well that they can reverse the tide of equality. So the fundies are mad. And that is why they fume.

Right on cue: I woke up this morning to this e-mail in the inbox.
Developing homosexual and transgender feelings is trauma-based--a product of sustained faulty bonding and identification with the same-sex parent starting in early life.

One can choose to undergo competent ex-gay therapy. Many have.

[several links to ex-gay outfits]

GayScam will be ended. The truth will out. There IS life after "gay."

mhmmm, old-time structuralist Freudism, gotta love it...

and they seem to have left out ppl like me--born male, identified more with my *mother* and have always been attracted to women, not men...that is the problem with structuralism (including object relations, in my mind, which is also dehumanizing)--it is mostly applied theory rather than experimentally based like most other approaches...

So? ... If someone's outlook on the entire world is stuck in the late 19th Century, wouldn't you expect their psychological theories to be, also?

Makes perfect sense to me.

P.S. Ok, folks, you heard it -- Rachel wants hate mail ... but please write something she hasn't heard before.

... But keep it lite ... and make sure it's obviously meant to be funny.

Rachel, I bet your desk drawer is messier than an abandoned shack on the outskirts of Detroit.

Rachel, it will soon be November ... remember to change into your next pair of boxer shorts.

Rachel, Trackor Supply Stores is on the line .. they want you to be the cover-girl .. uh, cover-person .. uh, cover-thing .. for their new fashion line of bib overalls.

Rachel, have you heard? .. Dreamworks SKG wants to do your life story .. and they've hired Andy Sandberg to play the lead.

Rachel, Oxford University wants to return your long-lost slide rule ... but they also want to know why you wrote your name on it using 128-bit encryption.

P.S. They are still looking for your lost plastic pocket protector, though.

" . . . unbridled anger directed at authors complete with personal attacks." It's interesting that there are people who are part of Bilerico who don't own up to their own "personal attacks," as if they are somehow above the law. Just pointing out that it works both ways, in case people miss that.

Monica, if you think I was serious about ribbing Rachel Maddow ... I love Rachel Maddow! She is near the top of my list of current LGBT heroes! And obviously she has a healthy sense of humor about herself or she would not have made the sardonic remark about wanting some hate mail that would at least be creatively refreshing. I don't know if I lived up to that mark, but I'm sure she would be amused at the effort if not at the actual one-liners themselves. Lighten up -- poke some fun back at me instead of being so shake-my-head about it.

I so love Rachel Maddow, just unbelievable talented in news media. We need more like her! She's sexy too! lol Okay, I went there.