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GOProud Leader 'Likes' Obama Assassination Idea

Filed By Bil Browning | November 27, 2011 10:00 AM | comments

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What kind of fresh hell is this? There's a huge difference between being on opposite sides of the LaSalvia-likes-1.jpgpolitical aisle and tacitly approving of assassinating the President.

GOProud's leadership has been whining all over the media about the poor persecuted gay conservatives. They have started sounding like the religious right hucksters who continuously carp about being "under attack" while they actively lie, spew hateful insinuations, and take cheap shots at their organizations' perceived enemies.

Over on Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia's Facebook page, he posted about being in the DC bookstore President Obama visited on Saturday. One of LaSalvia's cronies, Drew Sweatte, responds "Too bad you didn't have your .38 special on you!" and gets chastised lightly by the conservative leader.

"Not ok to even joke about Drew," says LaSalvia in response. While LaSalvia dutifully chides Sweatte, he also indicated his tacit approval by "liking" the comment. Apparently it's not okay to "joke" about assassinating the president, but LaSalvia still likes the idea.

LaSalvia's quick statement on Facebook while simultaneously "liking" the comment sends a mixed message, just like GOProud's constant complaints of being persecuted while constantly engaging in wild accusations and petty insults of progressives. Similar to the scared and sanctimonious religious shepherds who claim victim status while actively harming the LGBT community, GOProud has spent the past few months attempting to paint blogger Joe Jervis as a bully for his tendency to post copies of their tweets to his bog - often without comment. The group claims doing so encourages violence against gay political conservatives.

Earlier this year, LaSalvia made a controversial appearance on MSNBC to announce he was the recent victim of a gay bashing and saying the LGBT community needs to "focus our efforts on preventing hate crimes" by advocating for looser gun laws. Another GOProud member, gay reality show contestant Taylor Garrett, has also claimed to be the victim of an anti-gay attack recently. GOProud opposed hate crimes legislation.

Click the screenshot to the right to enlarge. Screenshot of the Facebook posting and conversation segment after the break.


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